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Stop the Anti-Christian Bigotry in Congress!

Legislators in Congress have taken portions from the misnamed "Equality Act" and now are sneaking this language into other bills and amendments. They are hoping to pass it piecemeal, buried under mounds of paperwork.

We have created a fax campaign to target the most important legislators to impact and stop this stealth attack.

There are now nine bills that are a part of this new strategy.
  • Do No Harm Act, which attacks religious freedom exemptions (HR 1450)
  • Customer Non-Discrimination Act, which opens up bathrooms to any biological gender (HR 2687)
  • Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, which rewards LGBT behavior in children (HR 2480)
  • Refund Equality Act, which will give more than 55 million dollars to same-sex couples (HR 3294 or S 1940)
  • Four appropriation bills related to the "MegaBus #1" (HR 2740)
  • National Defense Authorization Act (HR 2500)
    • Amendment 164: Prohibits tax funding from being used as a part of President Trump ban on inserting transgender individuals into the military and continuing sex-reassignment surgery.
    • Amendment 399: Requires that qualifications for eligibility to serve in an armed force account only for the ability of an individual to meet gender-neutral occupational standards and not include any criteria relating to the race, color, national origin, religion, or sex (including gender identity or sexual orientation) of an individual.

Join us in fighting these bills by sending a fax today! Any donation you can make above the cost of the fax helps our organization assess proposed policies and legislation and lay the groundwork to amplify your voice on Capitol Hill.

Stop the Attacks on Religious Freedom!

To: Members of the United States Congress

Our religious freedom is being attacked by LGBT activists through the following bills: The Customer Non-Discrimination Act (HR 2687), the Stronger Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (HR 2480), four bills related to the "Four-Bill Appropriations Package MegaBus #1" (HR 2740), the "Do No Harm Act (HR 1450) and the Refund Equality Act (HR 3294 or S 1940).

HR 2687 exposes biological women to further attacks and abuse in restrooms and changing rooms. It creates a platform to sue anyone who tries to protect women. We have compiled a list of nearly 80 situations of abuse in these private locations at and this only includes abuse that has been publicly reported.

HR 2480 establishes special privileges and additional funding to children involved in unhealthy sexual behaviors. Our government should not be rewarding at-risk children for participating in high-risk behavior. HR 2740 uses my tax dollars to attack my religious freedom. HR 1450 attacks religious individuals by erasing exemptions for religious individuals. And the Refund Equality Act will give more than 55 million dollars to same-sex couples as "reparations" for alleged tax inequities.

I urge you to stand against these bills.
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