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Tell the Senate: We Demand Justice for All!

There is a growing phenomenon of “justice for some” in America. This is seen in the increasing chasm between the punishments doled out to Democrats (if any at all) and Republicans—for the exact same offenses.
This is terribly wrong.
And it is greatly destructive of our nation’s honor, stability, and even ability to survive as a culture. Our laws MUST be applied equally to people on both sides of the aisle in Congress and beyond without regard for title, position, or political affiliation.

If we are silent and do not demand equal justice for all, then we will have abandoned the rule of law in our nation. And we will be discarding the critical element of our national character that ensures liberty for all Americans.

Tell the Senate now: WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT BROKEN THE LAW. Send your urgent fax below ...   


A personal petition

Dear Senator,

There is a growing divide in America in which Republicans and Democrats are held to a different legal standard and are given much different sentences for similar crimes.
One example of this is that a Republican-leaning lawyer, Michael Cohen, received 3 years in jail for his lies and fraud. But Democrat-puppet FBI Director James Comey’s team lied to the FISA court, defrauded it to achieve political goals, and excused their similar actions as being nothing more than mistakes and errors.
If the Senate allows such inequities to continue, it will have abandoned the rule of law and permanently damaged the people’s expectation of justice and freedom in America. It is time for senators to fairly investigate the collusion against President Trump and demand criminal prosecution for anyone who has lied, leaked or subverted the Constitution.
Please rebuff the fake impeachment inquiry conducted by radicals in the House of Representatives and set the record straight once and for all! 

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