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American soldiers and sailors stationed on American soil continue to be targets for bad guys with guns because of a ridiculous policy that makes US based military installations Gun-Free Zones.
Our military members are the most highly trained weapons & counter terror experts in the world. When stationed overseas, those military personnel are heavily armed, yet, for some insane reason, those same soldiers and sailors are not allowed to carry guns on base or even have guns in their barracks or military housing.
In other words, the most highly trained military in the world are sitting ducks any time they are stationed on US soil.
The insanity needs to stop today. Tell Congress and President Trump to allow our soldiers to defend themselves - END GUN-FREE ZONES ON MILITARY BASES NOW!!

Dear Sir or Madam,
As a concerned citizen and ardent military supporter, I am writing to respectfully request that you immediately end the gun ban that forbids our soldiers, sailors and airmen from arming themselves while stationed on military bases located on US soil. This "gun free" military base policy flies in the face of logic – we spend billions of dollars training and arming our military, yet we do not allow them to use the weapons that could protect them in the event of an attack like we have so recently seen at Pearl Harbor and Naval Air Station Pensacola. In either of those cases, had the sailors on base been allowed to have their weapons, the mass shooter would have been stopped immediately and lives would have been saved. It makes no sense that our military is armed to the teeth while serving abroad yet are stripped of their weapons while stationed on American soil. Please, end the nonsensical and dangerous "gun-free zone" policy on American military bases.


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