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Disastrous Legislation to "Transform America"

House Democrat Whip James Clyburn was caught on a phone call saying the Coronavirus is “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Help Liberty Counsel Action stop him, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from taking small businesses hostage to make this dangerous vision a reality.

Send your fax now to stop Democrats from turning America into the USSR.

Dear Legislator,

I am strongly opposed to the efforts of Democrats to block additional funds to small business owners. It is horrible that, in a national time of need, Democrats want to have the government first check a person's skin color or gender before giving out a desperately needed loan.

Such a position is completely blind to the many businesses that serve and employ people who are of different races and genders.
In addition, I support amending the unemployment benefits. We CANNOT make the unemployment crisis worse than it is now. As the law currently stands, it incentivizes essential workers making $15/hr. to try to get fired so they can suddenly make $24/hr. from unemployment.
The government's emergency orders to shut down the economy have directly harmed these business owners. They deserve just compensation, the same as if the government had walked in and demanded the keys to their building. Stop playing politics and immediately fund the Paycheck Protection Plan for small business owners today.


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Fax the two Previous options PLUS All Senators (including the Senate Democrats that voted against an honest bill to help with the medical needs of Americans by using a partisan filibuster for $45
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Fax the three previous options PLUS All Republicans in the House for $75

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