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STOP HR 6666!

U.S. House Bill 6666 has a $100,000,000,000 price tag for surveillance and more on “everyone” in America. And that shocking cost only covers one year. But what this bill is missing is protections for your privacy, fiscal accountability, and even any stated goals.
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Dear Legislator,

I am strongly opposed to HR 6666. For a shockingly high price tag, this bill is completely vague about its goals.

We know that it is siphoning a hundred billion dollars to groups such as high schools, colleges, nonprofit organizations, clinics and any other random "approved" group. However, the bill has no requirement for background checks on the employees engaged in contact tracing surveillance of their fellow Americans.

In addition, this bill never provides suggestions or requirements to protect privacy. It never even asks that invasions of privacy by these groups be kept to a minimum, when possible.

Finally, this bill includes zero oversight to ensure that my taxpayer dollars are actually spent on the goals stated in the grant application. A lack of such oversight will quickly lead to waste of my hard-earned tax dollars.

I strongly urge you to publicly oppose HR 6666. Thank you.


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