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Stop the Censorship of Truth!

Big Tech corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Squarespace have been censoring conservative viewpoints for years, but right now radicals are a runaway train bearing down on your freedom of speech.

Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon CEOs were recently forced to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives. Now is our chance to hold Big Tech accountable for the shocking and horrific censorship of America’s Frontline Doctors and the major studies and medical information they tried to give the American people.
  • They are silencing emergency medical doctors on the front lines treating COVID-19 and blocking them from spreading information during a pandemic.
  • They are closing the bank accounts of organizations offering the hope of the gospel to people involved in LGBT behavior.
  • They are shutting down private organizations’ websites.
  • They are shadow removing people from Facebook pages that individuals have “liked” and are blocking content from newsfeeds.
And radicals have gotten away with it for far too long!

Now is the time to rise up and demand that the Federal Communications Commission and Congress protect our First Amendment freedoms online. If we stay silent, these radicals will continue their crusade to delete and eliminate all conservative perspectives ... and anyone that voices them.

Now is the time to apply the principles guaranteed to us by our Founding Fathers to the 21st century. Send your powerful fax to Congress and the FCC today!
Basic Level
Fax the House and Senate Leadership and the FDA (8 faxes) for just $5!
Bronze Level
Fax the previous option plus the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FCC (21 faxes) for just $19!
Silver Level
Fax the previous options plus the House Judiciary Committee and the Federal Trade Commission Health Care Division for just $45!
Gold Level
Fax the the previous options plus the remaining Republicans in the House and Senate for $75!

Your Fax will state:

To: Federal Communications Commission and U.S. Senate and House Leadership

I urge you to hold Google, Facebook, Twitter, Squarespace and other tech companies accountable. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, lied to Congress when he stated his company did not “manually intervene” on search results. Evidence now shows this to be false. These companies are only allowing their personal viewpoints to be expressed and censoring and silencing the free speech of Americans all across our nation.

These Big Tech companies are claiming they are “private companies” and can censor the viewpoints of other citizens, while they also claim to be a “public utility” and immune to lawsuits for the messages they do distribute. They cannot be both if our First Amendment freedoms are to be protected.

Our First Amendment freedom of speech must be protected in the 21st century. We ask Congress to repeal Section 230, which gives legal immunity to private Internet corporations, which should be reserved only for public utility companies like phone providers. In addition, we ask the FCC to regulate and protect First Amendment freedoms.

My First Amendment freedom cannot be dependent on the whims and wishes of a tech geek and whether he/she agrees with me. We respectfully urge you to act now to secure our constitutional freedoms in the face of unrestrained bias in tech corporations.


(Your Name)

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