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Companies are already tracing and tracking your movements, even if you are not sick. If we want to preserve our Constitutionally protected privacy, the time to fight this is now.

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Dear (politician's title and name),

Americans are being tracked through their phones and the location information is being sold, even if they have refused to download COVID-tracking apps and turned off internal COVID tracking. SafeGraph, Inc is tracking phones’ locations directly and through many partnership agreements with apps that transfer a person’s location to this company.

Using this data, anyone, including foreigners, can know the following about Americans:
  • Where everyone traveled before an event
  • Which shops they entered
  • What restaurants/bars they patronized
  • Which outdoor events they attended
  • Where they slept
  • Who lived locally or traveled from out-of-state
  • An average of whether local residents spent more or less time in their homes during the event, and
  • Where attendees went after they left the event.
And all this information was gathered by SafeGraph, Inc. This same level of data is for sale right now in every community in America, and it costs just 10 cents per row of information.

While SafeGraph claims the data is all “anonymized,” that is a farce. If a company can track and sell where a phone was and where it went next, it can take a glance at this level of data history to find out where you live, where you work, who your friends are, and where you socialize, and a simple Google search to know your name.

Suddenly “anonymization” disappears with a few clicks of a button.

I urge you to fight against this endless data mining of the personal phone locations of American citizens. Our Constitution recognizes the right to privacy and that is not currently happening in our nation.

(Your Name)

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