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There is an intensifying crisis on our southern border!

This border fax campaign is closed but you can still get involved in the battle for border security with our new fax campaign HERE.

Border security is absolutely necessary for our nation's survival! About 1 million illegal immigrants will attempt to cross the southern border this year alone. That's equal to or more than the entire population of any one of six states in the union. This is a genuine crisis!

Already, our enforcement officials are making 900 apprehensions and stopping more than 9,000 pounds of drugs every day on average. If current trends continue, these statistics will significantly increase. Just between February and March of this year, there was nearly a 40 percent increase.

We are in the first few days under the leadership of Homeland Security's Acting Secretary, Kevin McAleenan. It is important to send him a clear message from thousands of concerned citizens in support of border security. If we cannot enforce our laws on our borders, then soon we will be unable to enforce our laws throughout the nation. We must take a stand now!

Liberty Counsel Action has been told that more of our supporters want to be involved in our faxing campaigns, so we have been working hard for weeks to bring this service in-house so our staff can amplify the voice of concerned Americans like you and me.

For your donation of just 5 dollars or more, Liberty Counsel Action will send a fax on your behalf to Kevin McAleenan, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, affirming his work to establish a secure border to protect American lives. And any additional donation will help us continue leading the charge on this and other vital issues of concern.



To: Kevin McAleenan, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

Like you, I recognize there is a genuine crisis on our southern border. Criminals, drug dealers, ISIS, human traffickers and others with unacceptable motives for admission to our country are hiding among people with genuine need for political or economic asylum. I believe that America should welcome immigrants with skills and acceptable character who have been properly vetted and submit to the appropriate processes. However, there must be an enforceable physical boundary in strategic locations on our borders. I believe additional border security is critical to counter the growing crisis of illegal immigration!

I affirm your efforts to achieve border security and applaud your support of President Donald Trump's promise to secure our borders. I urge you to "stay the course" and redouble your commitment to your vital work.

This border fax campaign is closed but you can still get involved in the fight for border security with our new fax campaign HERE.

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