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Thanks for helping protect innocent, helpless life!

Thank your for taking action by signing our petition to Congress! At Liberty Counsel Action, we are so grateful to have you joining this fight to protect pre-born children around the world!

We cannot fight this battle without your help. If we lose this budget battle, our hard-earned tax dollars will go to encourage and pay for the deaths of thousands of innocent babies!

Our staff is on the front lines. We are passionate about shaping and winning these crucial debates within our nation. Being on Capitol Hill, we can develop relationships to have a powerful impact. This is very costly, however, the consequences of losing this battle for our nation’s law would be devastating. It is absolutely a matter of life and death.

I want to invite you to further partner with LCA to help us make an even greater impact that can start in Washington D.C. and ripple throughout our nation and across the world.This is an absolutely crucial time to be speaking truth to the leadership we are surrounded by in D.C.

Our organization relies on the faithful support of people just like you who partner with us by sending a monthly or a one-time donation so that we can continue to change the minds of leadership on Capitol Hill.

Would you prayerfully consider sending a gift so that we can continue to fight to protect innocent lives across the world?

Even if you can't donate today, there is another way you can help. Would you forward this message to several of your friends who care about preserving religious freedom in America?

Thank you and God bless you!

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

Lives Depend On Us!

Founded in 1986, Liberty Counsel Action is a law and policy education, training and advocacy organization. From offices in Washington, DC and Orlando, Florida, LCA advances religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, the family, responsible government, national security, and support for Israel at the federal, state, and local levels. All contributions are made with the understanding that this ministry has complete discretion and control over use of donated funds. If the project described is fully funded, delayed or canceled, excess funds will be committed to the need most closely identified with the purpose for which the funds were originally given. Liberty Counsel Action is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Donations are not tax deductiblePrivacy Policy.