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When others have left Capitol Hill, we have stayed to monitor legislation that most members of Congress have not had time to read. We are praying throughout the nation’s capital and on our 24/7 Strategic Prayer Line. We have been reviewing the state and local Executive Orders flying everywhere. We are advising pastors and others how to respond. With our presence in Israel, we are in daily contact with leaders and friends in the Holy Land. We have no fear because we serve a Mighty God.

Now more than ever, our ministry is critical.

In D.C., our staff is frantically reading legislation, questioning staff, and effecting change on these bills as they fly through Congress. Our staff continues to pray and impact the legislation, executive orders, and conversations that are moving at breakneck speeds.

Pastors across America are turning to our legal team for practical and spiritual advice about local governments closing down their church and limiting their ongoing ministries.

We are monitoring egregious state and local activity such as banning gun sales and police departments making public announcements that they will no longer respond to calls of theft or prostitution. And we are working with many people and leaders in Israel. Most importantly, we are praying in the nation’s capital, in our ministry locations, and around the world through the 24/7 Strategic Prayer Line.

This virus has significantly INCREASED OUR WORKLOAD. Staying informed has become a significant task. On Capitol Hill, in today’s environment “three hours later, everything has completely changed.”

To just give you a taste, one bill literally was voted on BEFORE the House Members even finished writing it! Yet, we believe that, for such a time as this, God has called us to DC - to effect positive change in the middle of today’s challenges.

The number of bills we are reading, the immediate responses needed outside of business hours, and the long hours are necessary to fight the hidden agendas of Speaker Pelosi, other politicians, and the media.

We are being inundated with calls from pastors about what to do with church services. Weeding through the Executive Orders that threaten basic Constitutional freedoms while addressing practical concerns, is a huge task.

We are actively participating in the conversations that are shaping the process to find positive solutions to challenges from COVID-19. Our staff is rising to meet these challenges with grace. But at the same time, DONATIONS HAVE SHARPLY DECREASED.

Would you consider a donation to help us be your voice? Standing with us right now helps ease the increased workload we are facing to guide our nation’s future.

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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

Founded in 1986, Liberty Counsel Action is a law and policy education, training and advocacy organization. From offices in Washington, DC and Orlando, Florida, LCA advances religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, the family, responsible government, national security, and support for Israel at the federal, state, and local levels. All contributions are made with the understanding that this ministry has complete discretion and control over use of donated funds. If the project described is fully funded, delayed or canceled, excess funds will be committed to the need most closely identified with the purpose for which the funds were originally given. Liberty Counsel Action is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Donations are not tax deductiblePrivacy Policy.