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Now our ministry is more critical than ever. Our staff is speed-reading legislation, questioning staff, and effecting change on proposed bills both nationally and in key statewide efforts.

In addition, pastors across America are turning to our legal team for practical and spiritual advice. Our staff are under a significantly INCREASED WORKLOAD. We are being inundated with calls from pastors. Right now, our team is helping hundreds of pastors across about 40 states in America navigate increasingly complex federal, state and local guidelines.

It is a huge task to wade through multiple executive orders at multiple levels of government that threaten basic constitutional freedoms to answer one simple-sounding question. We are actively participating in national, precedent-setting policies and helping find positive solutions to today’s challenges.

Would you consider a donation to help us be your voice? Standing with us right now helps ease the increased workload we are facing to guide our nation’s future.
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Mat Staver, Chairman
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