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Our freedom is under fire!     

Right now, Congress is considering a bill that will unleash the most radical, anti-religious discrimination America has yet faced. "Equality Act" (HR 5/ S 788) would do the following:

  • Destroy privacy in bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers
  • Force women and girls to compete with men in sports, scholarships, and educational opportunities
  • Require all businesses (including private schools) to hire transgenders
  • Silence those freed from same-sex conduct; this could even lead to banning the Bible, because it offers the power to free those wanting to turn away from homosexual conduct
  • Enact many other bigoted directives that would effectively criminalize Christianity
  • ...but there is NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION in this bill.

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Save religious freedom in America!

Dear Senator,

We, the undersigned, believe that S 788 (HR 5 in the House) is a thinly-veiled attempt to destroy religious freedom in America. It establishes a legal foundation to attack those who live out their faith in public through its far-reaching provisions. This bill's anti-religious bigotry tries to force people of faith to embrace what they sincerely believe to be sinful. This misguided bill's intended consequences would exclude people of faith from being business owners, landlords, uber drivers or foster parents. It discourages people of faith from running adoption agencies, schools, daycare centers and homeless shelters. This bill even burdens businesses offering public restrooms with nightmarish compliance requirements.

We stand united against the passage of S 788 and urge you to reject this ill-conceived bill.

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