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In a time of moral decay, when enemies of freedom wage war against the Judeo-Christian heart of America, now is the time to stand! Join us in advancing life, liberty and family and make your voice heard in the seats of power! Sign our active petitions below, to take a stand today!

What is unique about Liberty Counsel Action?

Unlike many other organizations, when Liberty Counsel Action delivers your petition, we have our top staff not only deliver, but personally discuss the these issues with congressmen and influential congressional and White House staff. We schedule meetings to discuss our faxes and to explain not just what we believe, but also why we believe it and support your message with our legal expertise, understanding of complex policy, and activism to make sure your voice is heard clearly on Capitol Hill and beyond...


Block the Chinese Communist Party From a Takeover of America (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Many bills are pending in Congress that will limit the power, control, and “favored” status that China enjoys. Urge our legislators to act. China has a 100-year-plan to tear America down and replace our freedom with its own iron fist as the world’s most powerful nation. We can’t sit by and let this happen.

Stop Federally Forced Abortion on Demand! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Congress is considering a radical abortion bill that will erase every statewide restriction on abortion. The “Women’s Health Protection Act” (HR 12 and S 701) will allow abortion for any reason, at any time, up to birth.

Save Religious Freedom—Stop the "Equality Act"! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Congress introduced a bill misnamed the “Equality Act” that will unleash the most radical, anti-religious discrimination America has yet faced. It establishes a legal foundation to attack those who live out their faith through its far-reaching provisions.

Protect Financial Privacy and Freedom! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Stop our federal government from pushing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that can control, program, and even erase our money.

Stop This Border Crisis Now! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Border security is a national emergency that affects every American. Congress has to end this border crisis, protect women, children, and the vulnerable from human trafficking, and stop the flow of deadly drugs into our streets.

Congress MUST ACT NOW to Protect Israel! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
America needs to have a strong, clear, resolved response to what is happening in Israel right now. Demand Congress to support Israel, condemn the terrorists, sanction Iran and investigate Biden’s dirty Iran dealings.

Joe Biden MUST NOT Sign America Onto Foreign Treaties! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Joe Biden has signaled his plan to sign the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations (IHR) without the constitutionally required 2/3 Senate approval. If passed, HR 1425 and S 444 will STOP Biden’s plans to bring America under the U.N.’s WHO control by requiring 2/3 Senate approval of any international agreement. And HR 79 will block our tax dollars from funding this global Marxist agenda.

Stop Mandatory COVID Injections, Vax Passports and Tracking Apps! (Petition & Fax Campaign)



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