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In a time of moral decay, when enemies of freedom wage war against the Judeo-Christian heart of America, now is the time to stand! Join us in advancing life, liberty and family and make your voice heard in the seats of power! Sign our active petitions below, to take a stand today!

What is unique about Liberty Counsel Action?

Unlike many other organizations, when Liberty Counsel Action delivers your petition, we have our top staff not only deliver, but personally discuss the these issues with congressmen and influential congressional and White House staff. We schedule meetings to discuss our faxes and to explain not just what we believe, but also why we believe it and support your message with our legal expertise, understanding of complex policy, and activism to make sure your voice is heard clearly on Capitol Hill and beyond... 
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Stop the Government from Enforcing a Mandatory Vaccine! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Many state and national leaders again want to demand mandatory vaccines for all Americans. Now, they are developing a technology that will allow the scanning of a person's body to confirm if they have received a vaccine or not. In addition, the government has promised to buy $1.95 BILLION worth of a COVID-19 vaccine and many governors and some politicians are making bold statements that they intend to make this vaccine mandatory. The time to fight this now.
Stop the Censorship of Truth! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Big Tech corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Squarespace have been censoring conservative viewpoints for years. Right now, radicals are a runaway train bearing down on your freedom of speech. And they have gotten away with it for far too long! Now is the time to rise up and demand that the Federal Communications Commission and Congress protect our First Amendment freedoms online. If we stay silent, these radicals will continue their crusade to delete and eliminate all conservative perspectives … and anyone that voices them.

Not A Penny More... Stop the Bailout! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Some states are pushing for a MASSIVE federal bailout from taxpayers. They want YOU to cushion them from the financial pain they caused by their unconstitutional and ineffective lockdown on businesses and people across their cities and states.

URGENT: "Equality Act" comes to the Senate (Petition & Fax Campaign)
On June 18th, the U.S. Senate tried to pass the so-called "Equality Act," which would unleash a horrific attack on religious organizations, churches, and every person. The procedure they are using is a verbal "Live Unanimous Consent" on the floor of the Senate to bring it to a vote. Radicals only need one moment without verbal opposition from the floor to pass this bill. This bill already passed in the House. Learn more here and act before it's too late.

Hold Planned Parenthood Accountable (PetitionFax Campaign)
Evidence has surfaced that Planned Parenthood may have lied on federal forms during their application to receive the Paycheck Protection Plan bailout money. While the large corporation was not honestly eligible, it still succeeded in receiving as much as $80,000,000 from American taxpayers. Planned Parenthood has nearly 2 BILLION dollars in assets and a large endowment. It did not need your tax dollars. Now is the moment to investigate this bloody company and get our money back!

STOP HR 6666! (Fax Campaign)
Radical Democrats have a U.S. House bill asking for one hundred billion of your tax dollars to increase funds for contact tracing (i.e. spying) on “everyone” in America ... even you. Learn more about this bill assigned the number 6666.

Stop the Surveillance in America! (PetitionFax Campaign)
Politicians and tech gurus are throwing around the term "contact tracing," which actually means—the government wants to know your every move and record it in a searchable database. This is an egregious violation of our Fourth Amendment, which protects the privacy and freedom of Americans. Congress is funding this tracking. Governors are pushing it, and the Mainstream Media are practically salivating at the thought of this level of intrusion and control into your life.

It's Time to Take Back America! (Fax Campaign)
The so-called "experts" were wrong. REALLY wrong. The World Health Organization joined with others on March 16 to predict 2.2 MILLION deaths by COVID-19 in America alone. The reality is that COVID-19 deaths in America are LESS than 1/3 of the deaths from the bad flu season in 2017. Fake media stories, bad predictions, fraudulent statistics, and governors wanting to be dictators and rushing to the mics have brought us to today. Now is the time to stand up and send a message to these governors that We the People will not be silenced, sent home, arrested, and ignored.

Time to Get "We The People" Back to Work (Sign the Petition Now)
Now is the time to turn the corner for freedom in America. Our businesses, ministries, churches, and those who provide and receive community services are crumbling under the crushing weight of an economy being pushed off a cliff. We are launching a petition supporting President Trump to start a systematic, organized rollback of lockdowns in communities with the fewest cases.

Three times in recent history, China's "experiments" with deadly viruses in their bioweapons labs have created world pandemics - first with the SARS escape from Beijing lab in 2003, then SARS1 from Guangdong lab in 2004, and now with a Wuhan lab escape of COVID-19 - all deadly coronaviruses.
It's time to shut China's deadly virus game down.
It's time to sanction China.

Nancy Pelosi and a band of local, state and some federal power-grabbers are trying to use the coronavirus panic to steal our God-given and constitutionally protected freedom. We cannot allow the “cure” to be worse than the disease. We cannot allow America to be destroyed.

Killing ISN't Healthcare (Sign the Petition Now)
A horrific loophole has been discovered that allows U.S. non-governmental organizations to funnel our tax dollars to international groups to pay for abortions and related expenses. As you read this, millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions, of our tax dollars are being spent this way! Our nation is facing significant medical needs across our country. It is time to end the laundering of our money to kill and destroy innocent children across the globe.


Stop Radicals From Stealing Your Vote! (Petition & Fax Campaign)
Radicals have a multi-step plan to make your vote irrelevant. They are laying the groundwork right now to steal the election for Democrats and Progressives. Today we need to rise up to ensure that our votes will be heard in this next election. Learn more about their devious plan and act now to stop it...

Will You Fight to Protect Newborn Life? (Petition & Fax Campaigns)
Abortionists have been caught altering the abortion procedure to birth live newborn babies for the purpose of harvesting their beating hearts out of their bodies, and to date, not a single abortionist has been convicted. This barbaric, gruesome practice must stop immediately! Help us fight for the Born Alive Act, which is already in Congress. It will provide punishments for medical staff who neglect, abuse or kill newborn babies. Read more and then our petition and send a fax today.

Stop Anti-Christian Bigotry in Congress: "Equality-Like Bills" (Fax Campaign)
The biggest threat to our religious freedom is morphing. Washington radicals are deploying a new strategy to push their “Equality Act.” They are fragmenting this horrific bill and sneaking portions into a number of other amendments and bills. They are hoping to pass it piecemeal, buried under mountains of paperwork, and have included it in the budget bills which passed the U.S. House on June 16, 2019.

End China's Religious Persecution (PetitionFax Campaign)
We have a window right now to insert religious freedom as a mandate for China to receive favorable trade conditions. The United States Trade Representative’s Office, along with the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, will set the terms of the forthcoming China agreement. It is imperative that President Trump and the US Trade Representative hear from as many concerned Christians as possible today.




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