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In a time of moral decay, when enemies of freedom wage war against the Judeo-Christian heart of America, now is the time to stand! Join us in advancing life, liberty and family and make your voice heard in the seats of power! Sign our active petitions below, to take a stand today!

Stop the Betrayal: Sign the petition!
To save its own corporate skin, Chick-Fil-A has thrown good, biblical organizations under the bus and legitimized the false narrative of the LGBT activists. Join us in urging Chick-fil-A to stop betraying their customers and the Christian values they were founded upon!


Help Stop the Border Crisis (Fax Campaign)
Projected numbers of illegals crossing the southern border this year have doubled from 1 million to 2 million people. This is more than the entire population of any one of sixteen states' total population. Already, this costs taxpayers 135 billion dollars in free services given to illegal immigrants every year. Law enforcement is stopping more than 9,000 pounds of drugs every day on average which contribute to the deaths of nearly 200 Americans every day. Right now, the battle in D.C. over appropriations bills is intensifying. We need to send a message immediately from thousands of concerned citizens in support of border security. We must take a stand now!

Stop the Witch Hunt: Stand With President Trump (Petition & Fax Campaigns)

U.S. House Democrats came out demanding the impeachment of President Trump because of hearsay and a document they had not seen yet. They have not brought a shred of evidence that Trump was involved in any inappropriate behavior. Fax Congress to stop this witch hunt and sign our petition to support President Trump!

Will You Fight to Protect Newborn Life? (Petition & Fax Campaigns)
Abortionists have been caught altering the abortion procedure to birth live newborn babies for the purpose of harvesting their beating hearts out of their bodies, and to date, not a single abortionist has been convicted. This barbaric, gruesome practice must stop immediately! Help us fight for the Born Alive Act, which is already in Congress. It will provide punishments for medical staff who neglect, abuse or kill newborn babies. Read more and then our petition and send a fax today.

Stop Capitol Hill From Endangering Innocent Lives (Petition & Fax Campaigns)
Radicals in Washington D.C. are out in full force, demanding our Second Amendment rights be restricted, repressed, or eliminated altogether. But they are concealing the truth in order to push their agenda. One of these bills (HR 1236) is called a "Red Flag" law, which permits a complaint to give the government the authority to search and seize guns from law-abiding Americans. According to research from the College of William and Mary, in states where these laws have been enacted, statistics show an increase in some crimes and zero decrease in the crimes these laws are supposed to eradicate. Instead, these laws open up Pandora's Box. Let your representatives know today and stop the destruction of our freedom.

Defund Abortions: Lives Depend On Us! (Petition & Fax Campaigns)
Congress is debating a budget bill that will funnel hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for murder through abortion as well as graphic sex ed, not just here in America but abroad as well. We cannot be silent in the face of this destructive bill. Act now and urge Congress to hold the line in this battle for life!

Help Us Stop Radicals From Stealing Your Vote! (Fax Campaign)

Radicals have a multi-step plan to make your vote irrelevant. They are laying the groundwork right now to steal the election for Democrats and Progressives. Today we need to rise up to ensure that our votes will be heard in this next election. Learn more about their devious plan and act now to stop it...

Stop Anti-Christian Bigotry in Congress: "Equality-Like Bills" (Fax Campaign)

The biggest threat to our religious freedom is morphing. Washington radicals are deploying a new strategy to push their “Equality Act.” They are fragmenting this horrific bill and sneaking portions into a number of other amendments and bills. They are hoping to pass it piecemeal, buried under mountains of paperwork. Including in the budget bills which passed the U.S. House on June 16, 2019.

Some 47 senators, so far, have signed on to support this bill. With a Senate vote and a presidential signature, this bill could become law. If we lose the battle over this legislation, it will take years of costly litigation to try to regain the constitutional freedom the "Equality Act" will destroy. Join the fight against this bill by sending faxes directly to those who will decide the fate of this horrific legislation.

Save Religious Freedom (Petition Campaign)

Right now, Congress is considering a bill (HR 5) that will unleash the most radical, anti-religious discrimination America has yet faced...

Death Penalty for the Innocent (Petition Campaign)
Preborn and newborn babies are under attack! Vermont, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. are debating the humanity of our children. New York and Delaware passed a bill authorizing the killing of children in the womb through all nine months! Pledge with me to fight for innocent life across America...

Google’s Lies Exposed (Petition Campaign)
Proof leaked out that Google was changing search results manually to favor Democratic politicians and positions. This is a huge breach of trust that even includes false testimony from Google’s CEO to Congress! Act now to stop this Silicon Valley censorship...

Border (In)security (Petition Campaign)
A good police officer was shot and killed in a routine traffic stop involving an illegal alien. His death shows the important reason why we must vet people before they come in America. Don’t let his death be in vain...

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Click here to read our privacy policy.According to research from the College of William and Mary, in states where these laws have been enacted, statistics show an increase in some crimes and zero decrease in the crimes these laws are supposed to eradicate.