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Congress is considering a budget bill that will funnel hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for murder through abortion, graphic sex ed, and special protections for LGBT behavior. But you can help us stand up to the “Four-Bill Appropriations Package,” which is nicknamed the "Megabus." Here’s what’s in the budget:
  • Prohibits the Mexico City policy and allows the UNFPA to spend up to 55 million dollars on abortions overseas
  • Includes the Global HER Act and allows tax dollars being used to advertise abortions internationally
  • Sends $110 million to public schools for graphic and damaging sex ed programs in America
  • Increases Title X funding, which provides low- or no-cost abortions and abortifacients
  • Allows the “HIV/AIDS Working Capital Fund” to fund abortifacients and abortions
  • Provides tax dollars to pay for new research on abortifacients and contraceptives
  • Elevates abortion and LGBT behaviors to a “human right” and demands the State Department monitor and report on any "violations"
  • And forces medical staff and doctors to perform abortions and other controversial procedures.
We cannot be silent in the face of this destructive bill. Send a fax today to ask our congressional members to hold the line on this battle for life.

Defund Abortion!

To: Members of the United States Congress

I firmly believe that the "Four-Bill Appropriations Package" use of taxpayer's funds for everything from advertising abortions to paying for actual abortions is a horrific and destructive bill. About 60 percent of likely voters oppose the use of tax dollars for abortions. I am putting you on notice that American voters are watching this bill and your vote on it.

I urge you to stand against this immoral use of my tax dollars and vote for the continuing resolution instead of HR 2740.


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