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Stand Your Ground, Help Protect Innocent Lives

Radicals in Washington D.C. are out in full force, demanding our Second Amendment rights be restricted, repressed, or eliminated altogether. But they are not giving you all the details. In fact, they have to conceal the truth in order to push their agenda. One of these bills (HR 1236) is called a “Red Flag” law, which permits a complaint to give the government the authority to search and seize guns from law-abiding Americans.

The reality is that Red Flag laws don’t work. According to research from the College of William and Mary, in states where these laws have been enacted, statistics show an increase in some crimes and zero decrease in the crimes these laws are supposed to eradicate. Taking away guns does not decrease crime.
Instead, these laws open up Pandora’s Box. This legislative option can enable an angry neighbor, grumpy employee, or disagreeable family member to weaponize this law into a personal punishment for people with whom they disagree. Red Flag laws are presented as a reasonable-sounding veneer. But this only hides a serious attempt to destroy our constitutional rights. Our Second Amendment rights ensure that, as a nation, we will be able to defend and preserve our First Amendment rights, which include our freedom of speech. These two go hand in hand.

If radicals are able to weaken the Second Amendment, that opens the door so that they can destroy our First Amendment freedoms.

We already know that radicals are out in full force, pushing for laws that will result in denying some people their constitutional right to own a gun. What’s to stop them from manipulating these laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens with whom they politically disagree? This is shaky ground, especially when Red Flag laws show no impact on increasing safety.
In addition, another bill, HR 2708, will deny gun ownership to anyone who is convicted of certain misdemeanors related to a few hate crimes. To give you an idea, some misdemeanors can include “disrupting” a public or religious meeting, or “willfully interfering” with another person’s so-called “rights.” This gives a subjective standard that radicals can use to take guns away from law-abiding Americans just for exercising their freedom of speech!

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To: President Donald Trump and United States Congressional Leaders

We, the undersigned, ask you to fight against laws that will weaken and destroy our Second Amendment freedoms.
Red Flag laws preemptively deny guns to law abiding Americans. Bills like HR 1236 have failed to decrease crime in the states where they were enacted. Studies found “no significant impact” on mass public shootings, murder, robbery or aggravated assault. Yet intrinsically this type of a law requires a person judge another and remove their constitutional freedoms before he or she has done anything wrong.

In addition, we oppose HR 2708, which will deny some people their constitutional freedoms for something as subjective as disrupting a public meeting. These gun restrictions and others like them are not in our nation’s best interest.

We urge you to protect our constitutional freedoms in America.

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