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Urgent Action to Defend Babies and Stop Planned Parenthood

Our team cross-examined witnesses under oath and authenticated the undercover videos and the materials caught on tape by Sandra Merritt, regarding Planned Parenthood's organ harvesting. Medical staff described cutting open the face of a 25-week-old newborn baby to harvest his brain WHILE HIS HEART WAS STILL BEATING. This is nearly a month after the age of viability outside the womb!
An abortionist who admitted to committing some 50,000 abortions said, "There is no question in my mind that at least some of these fetuses were live births." Additional testimony corroborated that hearts of babies were being harvested while they were still beating. And we now know that Planned Parenthood has supplied numerous hearts to organ procurement companies for "studies." Some of these organs were sold for as much as $17,000.
It's time for a grassroots ARMY to rise up, EXPOSE and DEFEAT the abortion lobby by demanding that Congress take action on this issue! That's why I'm turning to you.
We have already rallied thousands to take action, but I must expand that to TENS of THOUSANDS immediately if we are going to have any hope of getting the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act bill passed to make this stop. And I need your help!
Here's what I'm asking you to do...
Please take a moment right now to SIGN THE PETITION below. It is your fundamental right to petition our government for a "redress of grievances," and nothing is more urgent than protecting these helpless babies. Now is the moment to exercise your right!

Protection, NOT Dissection

Our petition states:
Newborn babies are being neglected, dissected, and killed by the medical professionals who should be caring for them after a failed abortion. The Sandra Merritt case in California exposed new evidence. Planned Parenthood abortionists were intentionally birthing children alive to harvest their beating human hearts, and brains, and other organs for research, according to an expert witness.
PLANNED PARENTHOOD and other companies are involved in the unspeakable evil of harvesting organs from babies, some of whom are born alive! Current laws are not providing adequate protection for these newborn children. Regardless of whether their mothers wanted them or not, newborns who are born alive deserve equal medical care. They deserve respect, not neglect … or worse.
I urge you to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Together we can stop this barbaric practice. Please act to protect the most helpless of your constituents today.



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