Advancing Liberty Through Action

Time to get "We the People" back to work.

Mr. President,

We the People have confidence that you will begin the systematic reopening of America using good judgment to return the country back to work while protecting the health and safety of all.

Due to the unintended consequences the shutdown has placed on our religious freedom, our economy and to mental health nationwide, We the People urge you to begin an organized, systematic re-opening of the economy starting with locations across America with the fewest cases.

There are many forgotten people who have become collateral damage due to the far-reaching lockdowns. Continued shutdowns are causing huge increases in homelessness, hunger, suicide, divorce, alcoholism, pornography use and child abuse. Plus, there are a growing number of businesses that even the government’s loans cannot save at this point. We must not forget the People’s struggles and we must do a better job of protecting those who are being harmed by state and local governments’ misguided responses to COVID-19.

In addition, some American businesses are increasingly being sold at a discount, under duress, to foreign ownership that may not have our best interests at heart. This is an issue of national security, future economic opportunity and the future exercise of our constitutional freedoms.

We urge you to take systematic action to get our nation back to work!


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