Advancing Liberty Through Action

This moment in America, we are pulling back the curtain and revealing the tyrants and demi-gods in state leadership in our nation.

The lockdown has canceled organ transplants, heart valve replacements, and surgery to remove growing cancer. Lives are hanging in the balance.
Now is the time to stand up and send a message to these governors that We the People will not be silenced, sent home, arrested, and ignored. From the convenience of your home, send a fax to the desks of these governors to urge them to get America back to work!
Basic Level
Fax the House and Senate Leadership plus YOUR Governor for just $5!
Bronze Level
Fax ALL of the above plus Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force for $19
Silver Level
Fax ALL of the above plus ALL of the Worst Governors for $45
Gold Level
Fax ALL Governors, the ENTIRE House and Senate and the White House for $75 (Most Effective!!)

*Faxes will be delivered shortly after donation is made.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to remind you that "We the People" are the supreme and sovereign authority in America. I urge you to begin an organized, systematic opening of the economy starting in the communities that have the fewest cases right now.
  • The number of new COVID-19 cases has peaked and is now in decline
  • Our nation has lost 22 million jobs in just one month
  • Home construction in America collapsed 22% in March and
  • Suicide, mental stress, divorce, domestic abuse, and child abuse have risen
  • Some states have even canceled surgery to remove cancer, repair a heart, or transfer an organ, leaving our most vulnerable population at risk of death due to emergency orders.
There are many forgotten people who have become collateral damage due to these far-reaching lockdowns. Continuing on this path will cause huge increases in homelessness, hunger, alcoholism, domestic violence, child abuse and sexual exploitation.

In addition, there is a growing number of businesses that even the government’s loans cannot save at this point. I urge you to start protecting the people who are being harmed by state and local governments’ misguided responses to COVID-19.

We urge you to take action right now to get our nation back to work!


(Your Name)

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