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Stand Against Government Spying and Mandatory Vaccines!

Politicians and tech gurus are throwing around the term "contact tracing," which actually means the government wants to know your every move and record it in a searchable database. And then they want to use that database to push a vaccine that is mandatory the moment you want to get groceries, pick up medicine, send your kids to school, or travel.

This is an egregious violation of our Fourth Amendment, which protects the privacy and freedom of Americans. Congress is funding this tracking. Governors are pushing it, and the Mainstream Media are practically salivating at the thought of this level of intrusion and control into your life.

It is up to you to stand up and demand that we keep the freedoms handed down to us from our forefathers. Sign our petition to say...


Dear (politician's title and name),

I stand firmly opposed to "contact tracing" and mandatory vaccinations because those are a direct violation of the privacy and liberty of innocent Americans.

It presumes every American is guilty and tracks them without a warrant in direct opposition to our constitutional liberties. It gives dangerous power through unlimited information to those gathering the details of Americans' constant movements. And it is deeply unsettling that our government is rushing to set up a gold mine of endless information attracting hackers, those involved in blackmail, and international networks across the dark web.

I want to remind you that our Founding Fathers established our Bill of Rights on the heels of a deadly epidemic across America. They were personally aware of the loss and devastation that such an event can cause. However, they did not include any exceptions to our intrinsic liberties in our founding documents. In addition, they recognized privacy as one of the most important things they desired to protect in our Bill of Rights.

You took an oath to our Constitution; and you are bound to protect the privacy guaranteed therein. I hope that you will not discard, in your moment of leadership, the freedoms that our Founding Fathers established under strikingly similar circumstances. I urge you to fight against "contact tracing" government surveillance of Americans.


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