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Hold Planned Parenthood Accountable!

Evidence has surfaced that Planned Parenthood may have lied on federal forms during their application to receive the Paycheck Protection Plan bailout money. While the large corporation was not honestly eligible, it still succeeded in receiving as much as $80,000,000 from American taxpayers.

Planned Parenthood has nearly 2 BILLION dollars in assets and a large endowment. It did not need your tax dollars. Now is the moment to investigate this bloody company and get our money back!

Dear (title and name),

It has come to my attention that Planned Parenthood received $80 million through the Paycheck Protection Program. This money was explicitly blocked from going to multi-billion-dollar corporations. I am concerned that Planned Parenthood lied on federal forms to get this money.

Planned Parenthood's action hurt small business owners that desperately needed this money and were unlike Planned Parenthood, which has a well-funded endowment. It is unknown how many stores went out of business because of Planned Parenthood's apparent lies and greed.

I urge you to do everything in your power to fully investigate Planned Parenthood and get my tax dollars back. In addition, if anything illegal was done, I support prosecution to the full extent of what the law allows.

Please, take action right away!


(Your Name)

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