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Fight the Fraud

President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania after they defied the law and a court order requiring them to allow Republicans to observe the vote count. In addition, Republican legal challenges are happening in Pennsylvania and Nevada to demand access for campaign observers to locations where ballots are being processed and counted. His campaign also asked for a recount in Wisconsin.

Our team is on the ground in Pennsylvania. A legal battle is costly and expensive. We know from personal experience. We were involved in five weeks of nonstop litigation regarding the 2000 election. And now we are, again.

We are confident the 2020 election process will also end up at the High Court. This is far from over, but we need to urgently let President Trump know if you want him to keep fighting these legal battles for the future of our nation.

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To: President Donald J. Trump

Thank you for standing up against radical forces seeking to destroy our nation from within. We urge you to keep fighting for a fair and transparent election process. The foundation of our republic depends upon honest elections. Thank you for fighting for the future of our country. Do not give up and do not grow weary. Our prayers are with you, President Trump.

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