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Stop Mandatory COVID Injections, Vaccine Passports and Tracking Apps!

Some state and national leaders intend to demand mandatory COVID shots for all Americans – including an electronic “vaccine passport” scheme that could prevent you from leaving your own home, shopping or even attending church. Such vaccine passport phone apps will track and control your every movement … whether you have COVID or not.

Some states are even working to pass measures that will give politicians the ability to place people in medical "detention" for up to 60 days without a trial, simply if they think a person was around someone who may have been infected with COVID-19. Coercive plans like this often start in one or two radical states and spread across the nation.
The time to fight this is NOW, while we still can! 

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Dear (politician's title and name),
I oppose mandatory COVID injections, Vaccine Passports and tracking and tracing apps.
I should have the free choice to determine if I want a COVID shot or not. It is a direct attack on our freedom for Joe Biden to force private citizens to get the shots and force private businesses to adopt a mandate for their employees. And neither government nor private corporations have the right to force me to have a so-called “Vaccine Passport.” Nor should an app that contains my private medical information and that tracks and traces my movement be permitted.
The idea of a Vaccine Passport did not begin with COVID and will not end with COVID. Such a medical or health digital passport presents a serious threat to freedom. My private medical decisions regarding a COVID shot or other vaccine should not determine whether I can leave my home, work, shop, dine or worship.
I stand firmly opposed to any mandatory vaccines or so-called vaccine passports.
I urge you to use everything at your disposal to fight against any direct or indirect effort to make COVID shots mandatory, to require a Vaccine Passport or to electronically track and trace my movements.
(Your Name)

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