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Stop Critical Racist Theory

We believe every person is made in the image of God and intrinsically deserves dignity and respect. We are all part of the human race and the best path to move our nation forward is to encourage unity as one nation under God and indivisible.

However, the Critical Race Theory (CRT) seeks to destroy and divide. It is rooted in Marxism class warfare and is making its way into every corner of our nation. A nation divided and fighting itself is weak, vulnerable, and will not last.

Our nation needs unity, not a system of double standards based on a person’s race or skin color! I encourage you to make your voice heard right now to encourage equal compassion, sympathy, and opportunities for the success of all Americans regardless of their skin color.

It is time to end racism and stop Critical Race Theory!

Dear Legislator/Governor,

I am asking you to support all efforts to block “Critical Race Theory” from being pushed in our military, our schools and in our communities.

I believe every person intrinsically deserves dignity and respect. It is abhorrent behavior to teach anyone that they are less valuable because of their race or skin color ... yet that is exactly what is happening all across America under the guise of Critical Race Theory.

CRT is designed to create class warfare.

This is wrong. But more importantly, this is the kind of ideology that has led to some of the greatest evils ever perpetuated against humanity. Unfortunately, the American military is also forcing its members to submit to, and even celebrate, this ideology.

You cannot overcome racism with more racism.

Please take whatever actions necessary to stop Critical Race Theory.


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