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It's time for Energy Independence!

Joe Biden’s lack of leadership is pushing America into a crisis. Gas prices have skyrocketed from $2/gal up to even as high as $7.50/gal. This is affecting so much more than the cost of driving. It is affecting everything from food, transportation, plastic manufacturing and … EVERYTHING.

But it’s much worse than that. Biden and America’s enemies are using this crisis to pull money away from America and strengthen the nations that hate us (like Iran and Venezuela).

It’s time to stop this. It’s time for us to become self-reliant again and start our own energy production so that our money can go to American business owners instead of Iranian terrorists.

There is no time to waste. Sign our petition below to be delivered to key congressional offices.

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Dear Senator (or Representative) __________,

Gas prices are skyrocketing. There are reports that it is up to $5.35 a gallon in New Jersey, and Californians are seeing it rise to $7.51 a gallon. Expectations are that prices are going to climb significantly higher—unless you act now to fix this.

In Biden’s search for oil, he is creating problems that are much deeper and more complicated. His actions are strengthening an axis of power against America and throwing millions of dollars at nations that despise our country, like Iran and Venezuela.

By actively blocking the Keystone Pipeline, Biden has tied the hands of honorable Americans to refine and transport the oil and gas that is already here. America desperately needs to become energy independent.

There is a new bill called the “Energy Freedom Act” that I urge you to co-sponsor. In our moment of crisis, there needs to be a bipartisan effort to encourage American energy independence.

America can never be free when we are forced to rely on countries who hate us. It is time to restore our freedom through energy independence.


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