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VOTE YES ON HR 1425, S 444, and HR 79

Block Biden from signing away our freedoms!

Globalists are pushing hard to grab control at the international level through the World Health Organization. Joe Biden's administration has repeatedly signaled his plan to sign on to the new Pandemic Treaty and new amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) to help them accomplish this.

If passed, HR 1425 and S 444 will STOP Biden’s plan dead in its tracks. They will ensure 2/3 Senate must approve any international agreement. And HR 79 will block our tax dollars from funding this global Marxist agenda. Fax Congress NOW to save America from Biden’s one world order plans.

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Vote YES on HR 1425, S 444, and HR 79

Dear Member of Congress,

As an American citizen, I am writing to respectfully demand that you VOTE YES on HR 1425 and S 444, in which the United States Congress retains and affirms its constitutional duty of approving ANY treaty by a 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate before any administration adopts or signs America onto any treaty.

This would include the upcoming United Nations’ World Health Organization’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty and associated International Health Regulations.

America must not be put under ANY international law, treaty, or device, without the oversight and consent of our duly elected representatives in Congress.

In addition, I urge you to support HR 79 that will defund the World Health Organization and its grasp for control over every aspect of America.

Please take your constitutionally prescribed duty as seriously as I take my citizenship by voting YES on HR 1425, S 444, and HR 79.


(Your Name)