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Block the Chinese Communist Party
From a Takeover of America

The Chinese bloodless coup must be stopped!

Many bills are pending in Congress that will limit the power, control, and “favored” status that China enjoys. Urge our legislators to act. China has a 100-year-plan to tear America down and replace our freedom with its own iron fist as the world’s most powerful nation.

We can’t sit by and let this happen.

The freedom of people in America and around the world is dependent on keeping the Chinese Communist Party in check. China’s infiltration of America includes a planned cyberattack on critical infrastructure, collecting the DNA of Americans, importing fentanyl, prescription drugs, food, farmland, ownership of many companies, 5G, data-gathering technology, and much more.

Some of the pending bills include the following:

  • S 684 — Bans Chinese corporations from owning U.S. farmland.

  • S 1271 — Imposes sanctions on countries trafficking fentanyl.

  • S 1537 — Raises tariffs on imports from China.

  • S 4026 — Bipartisan bill that counters national security risks from China.

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Dear Member of Congress,

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is marching toward its 100-year plan for world domination, which includes destroying and subjecting Americans and relegating our nation to obscurity on an international stage.

Many of the existing laws and policies on Capitol Hill leverage American resources to empower China toward this goal that is the weakening and destroying our own freedom and security.

This has got to stop.

  • The FBI warned Congress that CCP hackers are in place and waiting "for just the right moment to deal a devastating blow” to our civilian infrastructure.

  • A MASSIVE flow of drugs linked to the CCP is coming through our southern border and becoming a leading cause of death for Americans ages 18-45.

  • There is evidence the CCP is working with disinformation to influence our elections and weaken our relations with other nations.

  • China is funding handpicked research projects within our universities.

  • China is manufacturing most of our smartphones and household appliances.

  • China is working toward building 5G networks that could be used for surveillance and geotargeting of Americans.

  • China is buying houses and significant farm acreage, especially near military bases.

  • More than 265 Chinese companies on U.S. stock exchanges have a value up to 1 trillion dollars of total market capitalization.

  • Around 5,000 Chinese-owned companies that span diverse industries such as technology, manufacturing, finance, and real estate are active in the U.S.

  • And the list goes on and on.

We cannot ignore the goals and implications of the CCP’s actions. I urge you to act quickly to block the growing power of the CCP in America and around the world.

I urge you to support the following bills and others that will stop the CCP from using America as a stepping stool to world domination.


(Your Name)