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Thanks for helping defend religious freedom!

Thank you for signing our petition to members of Congress, demanding that they uphold religious freedom in the face of the anti-religious bigotry contained in the “Equality Act.”
Liberty Counsel Action is passionate about defending the rights of Americans to live out their faith in public without fear of discrimination, fines, or other more serious legal consequences. But those adverse legal outcomes are exactly what the co-sponsors of this bill would like to see happen to anyone who does not share their viewpoint.
This is a crucial time to stop this outrageous bill. I am grateful that you added your voice to ours by signing our petition. Would you prayerfully consider sending a gift so that we can expand our fight to protect religious freedom?
If we lose the battle over this legislation, it will take years of costly litigation to try to regain the constitutional freedom we will lose if it is enacted.
We are involved in a number of urgent legislative matters that we can use your help to fight. See the full list on our Take Action page.
And even if you can’t donate today, there is another way you can help. Would you forward this message to several of your friends who care about preserving religious freedom in America?
Thank you and God bless you!
Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action
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