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Born-Alive Act - Letters to the Editor

These letters are not copywritten but are created to empower friends of Liberty Counsel Action to have a voice in your community. Together we can fight against infanticide in America. We encourage you to sign your own name and submit one of the options below to your local newspaper. We recommend that you submit it via email or web form. Finally, be sure your letter is at or below your paper’s word limit.
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Letter to the Editor: (249 words) -- Example One of Two 

Loophole to Kill Newborns

There is a brutal crisis happening in America. Innocent newborn babies are killed after surviving an abortion attempt. In some cases, they were intentionally birthed alive to dissect for research while their hearts were still beating. These babies weren’t even given a Tylenol to help with the pain of their live dissection! This is horrifying, but even more shocking is the fact that not a single abortionist has faced prosecution for this in the four years since Sandra Merritt exposed Planned Parenthood (PP) for its participation.

Recently, PP filed a lawsuit against Merritt to punish her for exposing the truth. The type of case it filed proved that Merritt’s videos were accurate.

Some are trying to claim a legal loophole permits killing babies born alive if their mother tried to get an abortion. There is a bill in Congress that would close this loophole and give punishment to medical staff who neglect, abuse, or actively kill a newborn baby after he or she survives a failed abortion. This bill will require the same level of care for all living newborn babies, even if their mother attempted to kill them earlier.

Right now, 277 U.S. legislators are filibustering and stopping bills to close this loophole (S 311 and the discharge petition for HR 962). Learn more about commonsense protections for innocent children who deserve protection—regardless of what their mom did. Sign a petition with me, to protect these children. Visit

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Letter to the Editor: (238 words) -- Example Two of Two

We are in crisis

Innocent babies are being routinely killed after surviving failed abortion attempts in America.

We already know of hundreds of people that were “failed abortions” who are now living among us because of the mercy of a nurse who happened to be on duty –but not because of any legal protections in our laws. We are failing to properly protect the lives of countless other newborn children.

Where is the outcry that should accompany this news? “What news,” you ask? Why is it that no one seems to know that these horrific actions are continuing even now in our modern society? The media is refusing to do its job to inform you about the truth. You can learn more, and see documentation for yourself, at

There is a bill in Congress that would protect all newborns—it is the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. It will simply enforce defined guidelines that are development-specific for medical staff establishing what level of care must be provided to a newborn baby. This would block doctors from dumping living newborn babies in a bucket of formaldehyde just because their mom didn’t want them.

Unfortunately, this bill has been blocked by Democratic U.S. legislators who refuse to give basic protections to America’s’ newest citizens. I hope you will join me and add your name to an urgent petition asking them to pass this bill at


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