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WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: COVID “Savior” or War Criminal?

Jun 21, 2022

By Mat Staver and Amber Haskew

At the World Health Assembly (May 22-28, 2022) in Geneva, Switzerland, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was appointed as head of the World Health Organization for a second five-year term. One of the few nations to vote against his unopposed run was Ethiopia—his home country.  

Who is this man who is continuing with a massive amount of power? The deeper question delves into Tedros’ background, where more concerning problems arise. Tedros (aka Tewodros Adhanom) should have zero power over any U.S. citizen—or any person at all—because of his past connections to brutal, unthinkable evil!  

Tedros and Terrorism

Tedros was a prominent member of a communist/terrorist group called the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). He gained a regional position in the Ministry of Health in the Tigray area in 1986. Tedros navigated a brutal political takeover to become the appointed head of the Tigray Regional Health Bureau in 2001, even before finishing his Doctor of Philosophy in Community Health. Tedros became the Ethiopian Minister of Health in 2005 and then the Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2012.  

In 2010, Tedros, aka “Tewodros,” was listed as the third most powerful executive board member of a merger between the TPLF and the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF), which had violently overthrown the Ethiopian government in 1991 and maintained power until 2018.

For more than 30 years, TPLF was a powerful ethnic-nationalist African communist party. This party is so extreme that it is still listed in the Global Terrorism Database. TPLF is credited with a dozen violent events targeting private citizens, religious people, the media and nongovernmental organizations. The party is responsible for the violent deaths of at least 318 people, kidnappings and many more injuries.

In 2009, Human Rights Watch stated: “Ethiopia is on a deteriorating human rights trajectory ... [in 2005] post-election protests resulted in the deaths of at least 200 protesters, many of them victims of excessive use of force by the police.” In other words, even as Tedros increased in power, the “police” shot and killed hundreds of people.

The nation did not have another election for the next five years. How did Tedros and the TPLF get away with this?

An increasing number of reports reveal that Tedros’ party was withholding foreign aid from starving Ethiopians and even denying emergency medical care for children whose villages (known as the Amhara) were associated with an opposing political party.

“In 2005-08, aid to Ethiopia more than doubled - from $1.9 billion to $3.4 billion. Yet the country's domestic politics are becoming less democratic and more repressive …  In the course of several months' research involving interviews with over 200 people in three regions of Ethiopia and the capital Addis Ababa, we uncovered evidence that multi-billion dollar programmes funded by the World Bank and others have been politicised and manipulated by the Ethiopian government and are used as a powerful tool of political control and repression,” wrote the U.K. director of Human Rights Watch (HRW).
Now, HRW's research indicates that the coercive mechanisms by which the EPRDF maintains control of the country have come to include the politicisation and manipulation of aid. The report documents numerous instances of government officials distributing and withholding the benefits of donor-funded programmes - such as fertilisers, agricultural seeds, food, microcredit, and job and training opportunities - on the basis of party affiliation.

In a country where half of the population lives below the poverty line and many are dependent on food aid, these abusive practices - in addition to being in violation of international human-rights law - send the chilling message that failure to support the ruling party may lead you and your family to starve.

The evidence of these practices includes testimony by fifty people interviewed by researchers in three of Ethiopia's regions, including Amhara and Oromia. They alleged that the World Bank's "productive safety-nets programme" - worth $1.7 billion over three years and designed to provide food to people at risk of starvation - was being used as a political tool. “The safety-net is used to buy loyalty to the ruling party,” a farmer in Dessie, in the Amhara region, told us. "That is money that comes from abroad.... Do those people who send the money know what it is being used for? Let them know that it is being used against democracy."

Human Rights Watch documented some instances of the withholding of donor-funded food aid from families with malnourished, hungry children on the basis of political affiliation.

Tedros’ group was accused of condemning a massive number of private farms and forcing the land into a communist collective. This led to mass migration of Ethiopians and a much greater dependence on aid.  

Between 2.5 million and 3 million Amhara people in the region targeted by Tedros’ political group, including women and children under TPLF’s rule, went “missing,” according to a census report.

When Tedros finished his position as health minister, “the Amhara region was severely underperforming in health indicators as compared to the Tigray region. The health coverage (physician to population ratio) was 5X apart in the two regions and infant mortality was vastly different.”  

Meanwhile, during Tedros’ service as foreign minister, Ethiopia borrowed more than $13.6 billion from China.

If anyone protested, they were targeted as enemies of the state.

In 2010, Ethiopia passed several laws to “codify some of the worst aspects of the slide toward deeper repression and political intolerance. A civil society law passed in January is one of the most restrictive of its kind … [and] will make most independent human rights work impossible.” One of those laws “permits the government and security forces to prosecute political protesters and non-violent expressions of dissent as acts of terrorism.”  

Tedros and Censorship

Under Tedros’ leadership, TPLF launched a significant crackdown on the media. The party criminalized criticism through “defamation” and levied steep fines and up to three years in jail for individuals in the media convicted of “instigation of one nationality against another.” This led to systematic abuse of journalists.

Using this language, TPLF could instigate violence, blame it on a media outlet and use the law to fine and jail reporters. This resulted in independent media facing horrific abuses. In 2015, the Committee to Protect Journalists ranked Ethiopia fourth in the Most Censored Countries because of the jailing of journalists.

But that still wasn’t enough for Tedros. Ethiopia entered into an agreement with Yemen so that the journalists who had fled Ethiopia under the threat of imprisonment were returned so Ethiopia could punish them—even if what they wrote was true.

Reports claim that Tedros himself led this negotiation effort to push media censorship even beyond his own borders to punish anyone who spoke the truth about the evil happening in Ethiopia.

Tedros and Heath Care

Even when it comes to health, Tedros is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He proudly claimed that his nation had eradicated cholera, but this was only done through intentional misdiagnosis.  

Tedros led an effort “diagnosing patients with the disease as having ‘acute watery diarrhea’” and maintaining that misdiagnosis “even when tests proved that the bacteria causing diarrhea was that associated with cholera.” Then, the New York Times reported, “Outbreaks occurring in 2006, 2009 and 2011, he said, were only ‘acute watery diarrhea’ in remote areas where laboratory testing ‘is difficult.’”

Fast-forward to COVID-19. In 2019, under Tedros, WHO received information from Taiwan concerning human-to-human transmission of a virus, but WHO ignored Taiwan because of the U.N. health organization’s close connection with China.

In fact, WHO helped China cover up the origin of COVID-19, even after WHO officials knew better, saying on January 14, 2020, that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” in China.

Next, WHO caved to China’s pressure and started promoting the idea that it was “extremely unlikely” that COVID escaped from the Wuhan lab. WHO was silent on gain-of-function testing and the connections between this lab and the communist Chinese military. This led to many fake news reports that COVID was “from nature.”

Now, supporters of massively expanding WHO’s power are claiming that WHO needs more power so it can better confront situations like the lies on COVID out of China. But WHO was an active part of the problem!

Tedros has been on the forefront of at least five public health cover-ups, with the biggest cover-up being COVID-19. Now Biden wants to give this member of a communist/terrorist organization who rose to power amid violence in Africa unlimited authority over you and me.

Speaking of Biden, China and WHO, don’t forget that Hunter Biden’s laptop proves the Biden family is indebted to China to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. I would not trust Biden or Tedros to manage my personal health!

Tedros and Finance

WHO is an international group with funding from many nations. President Trump had stopped U.S. funding of WHO and started the process to withdraw from the organization completely.

WHO had a 2020-2021 budget of more than $5.8 billion. But that was not enough for the Biden administration, which is pushing for even more.

Joe Biden’s budget commits $2.47 billion in mandatory funding for “domestic sentinel surveillance programs, expansion of domestic and global wastewater surveillance, and investments in global genomic surveillance approaches, as well as global respiratory disease surveillance platforms,” according to reports to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which partners with WHO.

In just nine months starting in January 2021, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation poured nearly $780 million more into the error-prone WHO.  

Joe Biden and Bill Gates are hoping you will not notice their attempts to put America, and the world, under the control of the United Nations’ WHO.  

Tedros and Control

Biden wants to give WHO the authority to do everything that U.S. courts have blocked him from doing. He desperately wants to continue COVID injection mandates, the tyranny of lockdowns, masking and regulations such as Vaccine Passports. To this end, Biden found a way around our courts and that pesky U.S. Constitution by empowering WHO.  

WHO has sovereign immunity. This means you and I cannot take WHO to a U.S. court, however, WHO can drag you and I, corporations and even the whole United States into international court.  

In U.S. courts, we have the Constitution and other laws, but a World Court does not care about our laws. That’s why Biden wants to give WHO control over “public health emergencies,” making Tedros, in effect, a Global Health Czar. Biden’s amendments are still alive for WHO’s future meetings, and there are even more terrible ways ahead to cede sovereignty to WHO.   

There is a massive battle happening right now over how much unfettered power and control will be given to WHO.  

Your right to travel, shop, dine or worship should not depend on the latest whim of a corrupt foreign official, and we need to fight now to make sure this never happens!  

Radical globalists are desperate for Tedros and WHO to have total authority over much more than how member states respond to viruses and diseases. They want WHO to control all so-called “health emergencies,” including climate change, food production, gender identity, abortion access and so much more!

This clash is one of good vs. evil, freedom vs. communism, and who has the power to control you.  

What You Can Do

After learning all of this, you will, no doubt, want to put up a fight for your freedom. So what can you do now to battle this tyranny?

LC Action will help you keep track of these WHO gatherings that put our national sovereignty and your freedom at risk.

First, WHO subgroups convene in mid-June 2022 as they seek to grant even more power to Tedros and WHO.

Liberty Counsel Action is committed to standing against this power grab. LC Action called on members of the House Freedom Caucus to push back, and on May 23, 2022, they took a stand and sent a letter to Biden. Some senators now oppose WHO in their public statements.  

That same week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis publicly opposed the WHO amendments. Then Iran, Malaysia and nations within Africa expressed concern or opposition to the amendments.  

Finally, the president of Brazil was the first national leader to recognize what was happening on this world stage. President Jair Bolsonaro came out guns blazing against WHO's power grab. “Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget about that,” he said. “I’ve already spoken to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil.”

Globalists are desperate to use the purse strings of the United States to empower WHO. We need many nations to confront this now.  

Second, WHO will consider the new “Pandemic Treaty” on August 1, 2022. This is dangerous because the African nations that objected to the amendments Biden was pushing do not oppose their substance. Rather, they want the changes to be consolidated into this treaty.

To get involved in this fight, you are invited to sign a petition here against this ceding of U.S. sovereignty, or send an urgent fax to Congress to oppose more power going to WHO.

And sign up to get future alerts about Tedros, WHO and many other threats to our freedom at We want to keep you updated on the fast-paced events happening in Washington, D.C., and around the world so you can make your voice heard on key issues like the one before us now.

We hope you will join us by giving your best gift to strengthen our voice against tyranny and support our mission by signing up for recurring monthly donations to help end these attacks on freedom.

Let it not be on our watch that freedom is erased.

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