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Trojan Horse

Dec 4, 2018

Trojan HorseWe have an opportunity to stop the Senate from making a giant mistake! A vote on the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico is expected soon. Right now is an ideal time to connect with our legislators. It includes provisions to compromise religious freedom in America by supporting privileges for those who are confused about their gender or orientation across America.   

We cannot sacrifice our religious freedom on the altar of financial gain! This agreement would enable liberal activists to erode religious freedom and to push people of faith out of public schools, private businesses, and even from public bathrooms. 

Yes, bathrooms!

What you can expect:

If two provisions in the trade agreement (Articles 23.9 and 23.12) are ratified, you can expect the following list to be demanded from LGBT activists: 
  • Schools being forced to open their bathrooms and locker rooms to students and teachers of the opposite sex who are confused about their gender 
  • Businesses having to open bathroom stalls to both genders at the same time 
  • Churches and daycares having to expose small children to other genders within a bathroom setting 
  • Interstate rest stops would have no way to prevent a predator from having full access to both bathrooms. They might have to throw open their doors to both genders. 
A few private businesses have already experimented with opening up their bathrooms. That was also a giant mistake! A chilling number of predators attempted to abuse, or actually abused, innocent women and children in these open restrooms and changing rooms. We must stand up before more innocent people become victims.

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