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Dec 6, 2018

Plans were to make an example of a Florida teacher. Why? Because he objected when he was told his job would include watching a female middle school student strip and shower inside the boys' locker room. Shockingly, the school lawyer threatened him saying, "This might cost you your job." See how you can help this teacher in my message below. – Mat

December 8, 2018

One day, Robert's principal came into his office and closed the door. Robert was told of a shocking new school policy that allows middle school girls struggling with gender confusion to enter the boys' locker room, strip, shower in the open stalls, and walk by the urinals – whenever they want. 

In addition, Robert's school requires that he and other P.E. teachers monitor the locker rooms, including those open showers. Now, one gender-confused student took advantage of that new policy. 

Robert let the principal know, "I'm a Christian, and this policy doesn't work for me in a lot of areas." Robert has worked for this school district for 24 years without any negative reviews. His religious belief, character, and moral decency doesn't allow him to serve in this kind of compromising environment. Robert counted the cost; "If I lost my job because of this, so be it, but I was not prepared to do that." 

The school district's lawyer threatened that Robert could be fired. When that didn't intimidate Robert into a compromise, the lawyer escalated the situation by saying, "Your teacher certificate might be taken from you, to where you can no longer teach." 

Because he didn't want to watch teen or pre-teen girls in compromising situations, he was faced with losing his career. A lesser man might find an excuse to compromise instead of losing his career. 

Robert didn't. 

The school administration tried to make an example of Robert. They planned to put him on administrative leave. Their internal emails in the matter state: "send him home," "put him out," and "I think it sends a clear message that we will not tolerate his behavior." 

That's when Robert reached out to us for help. My legal team sprang to action and prevented his impending discipline. 

I feel this issue is important enough to divert from D.C. our staff's limited attention so that together we can lobby that this school board change its policy. 

Robert is a good teacher and his moral convictions should be respected. The fact is, the school district must change their policy. Take a few seconds to add your name to Liberty Counsel Action's petition demanding the school board reverse their damaging and controversial policy. 

At this point, this system's rogue school board flatly refuses to inform parents of the lack of a privacy forced upon their sons and daughters. At any moment, someone of the opposite sex could walk in on these kids! According to this school policy, there is NOTHING that can be done to stop it.

That is why we must reverse this school policy. Every student at this school is vulnerable. Add your name to Liberty Counsel Action's powerful petition stop this insanity now. What is a rogue school today –if we don't rise up to stop it– could be the national school policy of tomorrow. 

Thank you for your involvement!

Sign your name to our petition so that we can lobby on your behalf to change this damaging school policy. We must protect Robert and the innocent children in this district.