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Gift Wrapping a Trojan Horse

Dec 14, 2018

Congress has a trade agreement on their desks that, if passed, would for the first time require special privileges to those who are confused about their gender or orientation. Help me stop this! – Mat 

December 14, 2018

A trade agreement with Mexico and Canada is NOT the place to try to change controversial social laws and weaken our constitutional religious freedoms! Wrapping up radical liberal policies inside international agreements at Christmas time is a deceptive tactic to force you to bow to a radical expansion of the LGBT lobbyists' agenda. Take a moment right now to sign our petition supporting religious freedom!

Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to stop the agreement. We have been meeting face to face with legislators to urge them to withdraw their support. In addition, we are bringing these issues to the attention of national reporters.

Partner with us to strengthen our voice and presence in Washington D.C. as we are fighting this critical battle for the future of our nation!


There are two bad sections in the trade agreement. Articles 23.9 and 23.12 give special privileges to LGBT employees. This could be used to force daycares to hire cross-dressing teachers, or churches to employee people living opposite to their values, or demand that businesses located in a home expose their young children to sexually confused employees within their home! Sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition to urge Congress to oppose this oppressive agreement.

Conservative and moderate legislators might be tricked by a footnote in one section that says American laws are already fulfilling this requirement. However, this footnote does not apply to both sections. Congress has not elevated sexual confusion to a protected employment class, nor should it! We cannot allow the erosion and elimination of our constitutionally protected religious freedoms!

I'm bringing this to your attention right now because some people are looking at the proposed improvements over NAFTA and are calling to pass this agreement. Wrapping these radical changes in a "trade agreement" enables liberals to hide these damaging policies! Don't let them get away with it. Support Liberty Counsel Action's efforts to stop them.


Thank you for standing up for religious freedom!


Mat Staver

Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. In the busyness of Christmas, stop right now and join our vital petition. We have a small window to make sure Congress doesn't pass radical new privileges for those experiencing sexual confusion. Now is the time to add your name.

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