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The fight heats up

Jan 2, 2019

We need your help to fight Chai Feldblum's nomination to the EEOC. She believes LGBT privileges trump religious freedom and is leveraging her position to push this radical agenda across America. Tomorrow the U.S. Senate returns to D.C. and only one person is standing in the way of her nomination. Act now to stop her! -Mat

Chai Feldblum is boldly using her position on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to push a radical LGBT agenda.

Feldblum is called the "lead architect" of the public school's transgender agenda, which is creating serious concerns by opening the door to allow biologically male and female underage students to change and shower together. And it even opens the door for them to room together on overnight school trips, without ever informing their parents!

She also bragged to an LGBT publication, "What the EEOC has done is offer a chance to bring cases of LGBT discrimination under existing law. That is a very big deal."

She's right. This is a big deal! Without Congress's approval, she is eroding our constitutional religious freedoms by demanding that religious and conscience employers be forced to hire sexually confused individuals who are at odds with the mission of these companies and organizations!

Under her leadership, the EEOC has forced the LGBT agenda on more than a dozen employers across America, while frightening many more! But she doesn't want to stop there. She said of the EEOC, "other federal agencies that enforce sex discrimination provisions often look to our interpretation for guidance." That guidance needs to have new leadership!

In addition, Feldblum publicly stated that she is seeking to destroy those who are living out their faith in public by calling them "pockets of resistance" that must bow or be stamped out under the heavy foot of the LGBT agenda.

Right now is our moment to show that these pockets of resistance are more substantial than Feldblum realizes. Her nomination is hanging is the balance. Add your name to Liberty Counsel Action's petition urging our legislators to vote against her radical policies! Let us not be silent.

Liberty Counsel Action is leading the battle against Chai Feldblum. Our staff has been active on Capitol Hill. Already, we are seeing some other groups follow our lead to fight against her nomination. Will you join with us?

It's a privilege to stand for you on Capitol Hill.


Mat Staver  

Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action  


P.S. Chai Feldblum is pushing a radical LGBT agenda on schools, businesses, and people. We must push back against her nomination to maintain our religious freedom. Support our work on Capitol Hill today.

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