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Trade Trojan Horse

Jan 3, 2019

There is dangerous language embedded in the replacement trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. Read more for my legal analysis and how you can stop it. – Mat  

The new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada (USMCA) promises to insert radical privileges and protections for sexually confused individuals at the expense of our religious freedoms. We are working hard to stop this train wreck in order to protect the religious freedoms of all Americans to live their faith without fear of punishment.  

++ Review – what the USMCA does.

There are two bad sections in the trade agreement. Articles 23.9 and 23.12 promise legislation that would require daycares to hire cross-dressing teachers, or churches to employee people living opposite to their Christian values, or demand that businesses promote “sexual orientation” or sexual confusion!   

Sign Liberty Counsel Action’s petition to urge Congress to oppose these outrageous provisions that were slipped in the proposed trade agreement.

+ + + Sign our petition to stop this threat! + + +

Conservative and moderate legislators might be tricked by a footnote in one section that says American laws already fulfill this requirement. However, this footnote does not apply to both sections. Moreover, Congress has not elevated sexual confusion to a protected employment class, nor should it! Finally, we cannot allow the erosion and elimination of our constitutionally protected religious freedoms in a convoluted international agreement!   

Liberty Counsel Action continues to actively work on Capitol Hill against this agreement. We have meetings scheduled with legislators throughout the week to urge them to oppose this agreement. Donate to partner with us in this battle.

Now is the time to rise up and protect our religious freedom’s before it’s too late. Add your name to strengthen our petition.

It’s an honor to represent your conservative values in D.C.


Mat Staver    

Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action    

P.S. We cannot be silent and allow anti-religious promises to cloud the future of religious freedom in America. Stand with Liberty Counsel Action against bad promises in the UNMCA agreement by signing our petition.