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Border Security Support

Jan 8, 2019

We are locked in a battle over border security. Now our borders are open to ISIS, drugs, gang members, and human traffickers. Will you help me send a message to Washington to fix this? - Mat

Securing our nation’s border is critical!
  • Last year, 17,000 adults with criminal records were arrested at the southern border.
  • 235,000 illegal aliens were arrested for criminal activity over the last two years. 
  • Every week, 300 Americans are killed by heroin, and 90 percent of those drugs comes across the southern border. 
  • Even for those just seeking a better life, one third of women are sexually assaulted while traveling to and across the southern border and children experience unspeakable abuse while trying to cross our open border.

Right now President Trump is fighting to fix this mess by strengthening border security. He is asking that families be held in custody together, he is asking for an amendment allowing minors to be safely returned to their families, and he is demanding a wall to secure our border. Support border security by signing Liberty Counsel Action’s petition. 

++The best investment

Building a wall or border security fence would quickly pay for itself by stopping the increase of American tax dollars being spent on government housing and benefits for illegal aliens. We spent more on just one month of food stamps than what is needed to build a wall. 

Even if the wall was only 50 percent effective it would save $64 billion dollars over the next 10 years. Studies show that complete walls can be up to 99 percent effective, such as the barrier on Israel’s border! 

Additional border security and building a security wall could pay for itself in a very short period of time!

Our nation’s security is at stake! We are in high-level meetings in D.C. and we’d like to carry your message to our legislators. Partner with us in this critical moment!

Liberty Counsel Action recognizes that some want to enter our country for good reasons and others wish to harm us. It is that recognition that demands that we evaluate and have the ability to vet those who wish to harm Americans. Border security based on a wall is vital to our nation’s future. Take a moment to sign our petition. 

Thank you for supporting our fight in Washington!


Mat Staver    

Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action    

P.S. Right now is the best chance we’ve had in decades to have strong border security. Don’t miss this moment. Sign Liberty Counsel Action’s petition to make your voice heard!