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Walls work...

Jan 11, 2019

… and that's why the Democrats are fighting them so hard! They understand if President Trump can restore and protect our nation's southern border, it could make the difference between one or two terms for President Trump! - Mat

President Trump is trying to end the crisis at our southern border. This is both a critical need for our nation right now and in our future! Democrats have voted for walls before and they have earmarked significantly more money. But that was all before President Trump.

Now their hatred of President Trump is overshadowing what they know is best for the American people. They are playing politics with our nation's future and stability. Join Liberty Counsel Action's petition to encourage President Trump to build and strengthen our nation's borders.

In lockstep with the Democrats is the mainstream media. Just yesterday, CNN was exposed for diligently looking for an example of the border wall NOT working. But when all they could find were facts and examples that current walls are working, they suddenly changed their mind and killed the story!

While Democrats fuss and whine about walls "not working" and "wasting money," I think that they are afraid of the exact opposite... that the walls will work too well! A barrier fence or wall would likely lead to the following:

  • Shut down huge portions of drugs coming in from Mexico
  • Prevent criminals from returning to America
  • Decrease human trafficking
  • Restore the rule of law in our border states
  • Discourage the abuse of women and children by smugglers
  • Increase wages for American workers and those here legally
  • Shut the door to radical Islamic terrorists trying to harm us
  • Reclaim portions of our southern states that are overrun by gangs

Join with us to encourage President Trump to stand firm for building border security.

Hear directly from President Trump on this critical battle:

Liberty Counsel Action is a clear voice on Capitol Hill supporting this agenda from the White House to congressional offices. We are actively fighting for the future of our nation. Will you partner with us as we seek to make America a better place? Support Liberty Counsel Action today.

Thank you for caring for our incredible nation!


Mat Staver    

Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action    

P.S. Democrats are scared that the wall WILL work and so they are desperate to block President Trump from making it happen! Join Liberty Counsel Action's petition to President Trump to stand strong for border security and a wall.