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The IRS is analyzing you

Jan 24, 2019

Now even the government is stalking you. The IRS’s strategic plan for 2020 is another wave of intrusion and stockpiling massive amounts of data on YOU. This chilling revelation deserves a few moments of your time. - Mat

The IRS unveiled a new program to expand and manipulate the amount of data stored on every American. There is growing concern it intends to weaponize that data against conservatives.

The IRS has been using spy software since 2013 “to generate leads.” This means that the IRS is building a program to quickly combine your tax records with spending activities, emails, social media, and even phone conversations! The IRS claims it wants to “encourage collaboration” to enhance the “seamless flow of data to enable greater authorized access to information.” However, it is happy to share that information with people both in and outside of its department.

+++ Completely Bias

We already know the IRS is untrustworthy! I personally was involved with two start-up 501(c)(4) organizations that were targeted and delayed for being conservative. After years, the IRS was finally required to pay damages.

One IRS employee complained he didn’t go further, saying, “Yeah, I don’t give a s— if that is a crime for doing that because … you should give increased scrutiny to those groups because a lot of them are just f—— fronts for the Koch brothers or whatever.” Thomas Sheehy also admitted, if he thought he could get away with it, he would violate the Constitution and bragged about helping the Democratic Socialist of America club instead of showing up for work, according to WND.

The IRS just paid $3.5 million (of our tax-dollars) this month in a settlement for targeting and harassing conservative groups. Did the IRS learn its lesson? No. In fact, it quietly rehired many of the people who were involved in that scandal!

+++ Control + "Alt-right" + Delete

Make no mistake. Government agencies and tech giants are working together to target conservatives to silence us. The question is, will we sit by and let them do it? Google is censoring pro-life search results while lying to Congress about it. Facebook and Twitter suspend and ban conservatives while sheltering profanity-laced calls for violence against conservatives, even children! This must end. Add your name to our petition to the U.S. Senate and House leadership.

Liberty Counsel Action is taking a stand. We authored legislation that will extend our constitutional freedoms into the 21st century and the Internet age. Sign our petition to Congress to protect our privacy and right to speak. We must hold the IRS and tech giants accountable for their data collection and censorship!

Your gift of $50, $100, or even $500 dollars would help us continue to fight this battle to transform what liberals intended to be our muzzle into our megaphone.

Thanks for caring about this critical issue!

Mat Staver    

Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action    

P.S. The IRS and tech giants are targeting conservatives and censoring our beliefs on a major scale! We must rise up now and demand justice before it is too late! Sign our petition to Congress to extend constitutional freedom of speech into the 21st century.