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Burning paychecks in political fires

Jan 25, 2019

Congressional democrats are playing politics with the Coast Guard. Democrats voted down giving paychecks to the Coast Guard in a bill that is independent from funding for the wall. Learn more below. - Mat

Paying the Coast Guard used to be a bipartisan effort. Not anymore! Behind the efforts to build a border, Democrats voted down a bill to pay the Coast Guard. They claim it’s because of a regulation to have uniform standards for ballast-water discharge. But that is just a smoke screen. There were three Democrats who co-sponsored this bill – before caving to partisan pressure to vote against it. Without them, the bill got 56 of the necessary 60 votes.  

Democrats had been pushing these boat standards for years – until this week. During the last four years, at least 12 Democratic legislators sponsored similar bills to the one they just voted against.  

Their actions exposed how they prefer to hurt our Coast Guard men and women rather than to pass a bipartisan bill unrelated to aiding border security!   

Democrats were hoping to score political points during the shutdown. When that wasn’t happening, they looked for ways to inflict more pain on our American servicemen and women in hopes that they can shift blame from themselves to President Trump.  

The reality is, Democrats publicly voted against our Coast Guard’s paychecks! While privately dozens of Democrats have reached out to President Trump to signal they are willing to provide barrier funding if the government reopens.

Now that Democrats are willing to negotiate, Trump is willing to open the government for three weeks. It is critical that President Trump hear from us in support of the wall during this short opportunity. If you haven’t already, sign Liberty Counsel Action’s petition to President Trump to continue fighting for border security and enforceable barriers. 

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Mat Staver    

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P.S. Congressional Democrats’ actions exposed their willingness to sacrifice our military men and women in their efforts to help Mexicans, Indians, and Chinese illegally enter our nation! Donate to help Liberty Counsel Action restore common sense in Washington D.C.