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State Punishes Religious School

Jun 28, 2019

A school was wrongly denied access to a voucher program because of its religious principles. This is a preview of the tragic impact on religious freedom that we'll all soon face if the "Equality Act" becomes law in America.

A private school serving hundreds of low-income kids was recently told it could no longer participate in the Maryland voucher program. This was after the state was informed that the school’s policies presented marriage and other inter-gender relationships from a Christian worldview. If the cynically named "Equality Act" becomes law, the discrimination this school faced would spread like wildfire across America.

Interestingly, this school had never turned away a single LGBT student. Nor would it, because it asked all its students to be abstinent. But the mere existence of their viewpoint caused Bethel Christian Academy to face crippling discrimination. This damaged the school’s ability to teach more than 50 students who relied on these vouchers. That then challenged the school’s ability to cover its bills.

The intentionally misnamed Equality Act directly attacks the legal precedent that government resources must be available to religious and secular groups alike. It would likely be used to require a censorship of religious schools at the federal level.

This horrific attack on freedom would prevent any religious school from enforcing a statement of faith or religious code of conduct. It would threaten the accreditation and even the survival of religious education nationwide. Send a fax immediately to help us fight against this outrageous bill!

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Maryland officials didn’t stop there. They furthered their attack against Bethel Christian Academy. The state now demands this small private school refund more than $100,000 of tuition from past years to the state! However, the school already provided their low-income students the education that the state agreed to finance. This kind of outrageous expense would cripple and close this small school.

Thankfully, there is strong legal precedent to restore equal treatment for these students and their school. But if the Equality Act becomes law, this school’s path to legal recourse and justice would be erased.

This outrageous legislation masquerading as "equality" would establish a legal excuse to treat religious schools unequally. This legislation would unconstitutionally cripple the educational options for hundreds of thousands of students across America.

Right now, this bill is sitting in the Senate where 47 U.S. Senators have already pledged to support it. There is incredible pressure for four more to join them. Help us stop this bill from passing with an immediate fax to the senators in charge of handling this bill.

Already this year, Liberty Counsel Action has been fighting and winning huge battles (like the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, targeting and stopping several state pro-abortion bills, effectively resisting the Equality Act, ending Secretary of State Pompeo's pushing of the LGBT agenda through embassies and international aid, supporting increased border security and many more vital campaigns).

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Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

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