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Fake "Equality" Hides in Our Budget

Aug 7, 2019

Democrats are deploying a new tactic that is even more dangerous than the so-called “Equality Act.” They are putting portions of this exact same language in “must-pass” legislation like the budget and defense spending.

This means that at the end of the day, that nightmarish legislation will become law - one bite at a time. Unless we stop it.

The National Defense Authorization Act (HR 2500) Amendment 164 pays for sex-reassignment surgery in the military with our tax dollars. In addition, this section and Amendment 399 demand that President Trump reverse his ban on transgenders in the military or it will hold hostage a portion of military spending.

This will force soldiers to again shower, go to the bathroom, and sleep with the biologically opposite gender. Our military is under enough stress, we don’t need to make it needlessly worse. These amendments will create an environment that damages the focus of our soldiers.

Right now is a critical time to contact your legislators. They have returned to their districts to listen and reconnect with their supporters. This is the time when they are the most sensitive to your input.

We have adjusted our faxing locations so that you can reach them while in their home states. Click the button below to start your fax messages on these bills pushing a piecemeal passage of the “Equality Act.”

Beyond our military budget, our general appropriations bill (known as the "MegaBus" HR 2740) is also targeting our religious freedom.

This bill will force every department dealing with our federal foster care system to hire and employee drag queens, transgenders, and homosexuals to care for children.

Many of these children have been neglected and abused. They are the most susceptible to the suggestion to experiment with unhealthy behavior. Or perhaps they could be convinced to dabble in hormone treatments. Both can cause permanent physical damage their bodies!

This bill also targets religious foster services for defunding.

We must stop this legislation! These bills are each codifying of different aspects of the "Equality Act." It is imperative that we hold this line to maintain our constitutional liberties.

Reach out to the legislators who will be leading the decisions about these bills with an LCA fax today.

LCA staffers are working hard on Capitol Hill. We have a short window.

On top of our daily responsibilities we need to urgently double-check thousands of pages to discover the LGBT landmines.

We are working now to help craft amendments to repair these bills. Our staff is swamped. Can you rush us a donation to help meet this challenge?

Donate 25, 50, or 100 dollars to help us with fight today’s battles.

We deeply appreciate your prayers and support!


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Send your fax today. If you are able to donate, we would be grateful for your support. Could you help us spread the word about the dangerous bills Democrats are pushing by forwarding this message to your friends, family and church members? Thanks in advance for any help you can give today.