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Abortion Funding on the Table

Sep 7, 2019

After President Trump reduced tax dollars for abortions, Democrats are taking this fight to the budget. Radicals demand that you pay for their abortions. Send the message that life is not for sale by signing our petition to targeted congressional leaders today. - Mat

The legislators who hold the purse strings on Capitol Hill are dead set on forcing you to pay for more abortions...a lot more abortions all around the globe.
House Democrats are so ideologically committed to this that they are trying to control President Trump. Part of the proposed budget before the U.S. Senate would overturn the president’s “Mexico City Policy.” This policy blocks international aid from being used to encourage abortions. Now, House Dems want to back President Trump into a budget corner that will force him to sign a packaged deal that includes hundreds of millions of dollars for abortion and other damaging beliefs and behaviors around the world.

Over the weekend, Congress is returning for a very busy session to work on this budget. We need to work quick and we need to work smart to stop these underhanded tricks.

The House has already passed HR 2740. We must stop this in the Senate. Will you partner with us by contacting your legislators to urge them to resolve this problem in the budget bills before it is too late? Sign our petition to let Congress know that you are watching these bills and demand that they take a stand to stop this.

Radicals are so committed to forcing their views on abortion that they sneaked language into the budget that will force doctors and nurses to offer and participate in abortions. This egregious violation of medical professionals’ freedom has absolutely no business in our budget.

If this budget language is enacted, there will be a mass exodus of people of faith leaving the field of medicine. No one should be forced by our government to kill. This will have other, additional consequences.

Already, there is a projected shortage of up to 90,000 doctors over the next six years! With the American population aging, there is going to be an additional need for good doctors and medical staff. If this budget language is not changed, it will reduce the number of available doctors. This will affect numerous medical services across our nation.

There needs to be a groundswell of Americans rising up to stop this bill. We cannot sit by while Congress works to destroy the consciences of our doctors and drive them away from practicing medicine.

Your message to Congress will strengthen our staff’s work on Capitol Hill. I want to ask you to take a few seconds to use Liberty Counsel Action’s petition system to help us flood Congressional offices with messages opposing this bill.

Our staff in D.C. is gearing up for the upcoming legislative push on a number of fronts. Life, religious freedom, guns, and national security are all planned topics for this month. We are excited to work to shape the national debate to protect your freedoms that are vital to our nation.

I invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly donor of 25, 50, or 100 dollars to allow us to push back this assault on our freedom today.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. Help LCA change this language in our budget to protect both international aid and doctors from being forces to support abortion. Sign our petition today. If you are able to donate, we would be grateful for your support. Help us spread the word about the dangerous budget bills radicals are pushing by sending this message to your friends.