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Changing Minds in Congress

Sep 12, 2019

We are already seeing progress. Republican Senators have changed their schedule to markup the budget bill this week. They have paused this amending process because of the vast funding these bills include for abortions. In addition, this legislation strips away the freedom for any doctors and nurses to refuse to perform abortions. I need your help right away to make sure this pause is permanent. Please sign our petition to Congress immediately. - Mat

Having people willing, and legally protected, to kill preborn Americans is not enough for radicals. Now our Senators are under incredible pressure to pass budget bills that encourage this. There is a chance that they could cave instead of fighting new regulations in these bills that will force religious doctors all across America to participate in abortion.

This new budget bill was already scheduled to be working its way through the U.S. Senate’s Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies subcommittee. And as the days slip by, the Senate will face increasing pressure to pass this budget. Yet, hiding in HR 2740 is one of the worst assaults on the medical community in America.

For those who take their Hippocratic oath seriously to "do no harm," this will force them to choose between bowing to their weekly paycheck or standing on their principles.

I need you to act today. Make your voice heard on Capitol Hill to ensure that these doctors, nurses and staff will keep their freedom. We cannot allow this bill to destroy the community that cares for us. Click the button below to demand that Congress stop this destructive language.

In addition, HR 2740 will cause massive expansion of our taxpayer dollars to fund abortions across the world. Not only does this contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to our national debt, but it does so in the most gruesome, inhumane way possible. It financially rewards people who are traveling around the world to murder those preborn citizens of other countries.

Right now, in our Senate, we are fighting for the soul of our nation and the future of these children. Please take a few seconds to sign our petition to be delivered to Congress as they are deliberating these important issues.

This week our staff has meetings planned in and outside of D.C. We are giving official testimony in some meetings and participating in others. I ask you to help us hold Congress' feet to the fire to stop this destruction of freedom in the medical community and precious life around the world.

We rely on donations to our organization to cover the many costs on Capitol Hill. I encourage you to become a monthly donor of 25, 50, 100 dollars or more to allow us to push back this assault against innocent life.


Mat Staver

P.S. This week is critical. The point from which the Senate starts to negotiate on our budget will determine if they will be successful in stopping this language. Sign our petition today to urge Congress to hold the line on life. If you are able to donate, your support allows us to continue fighting for life. Help us spread the word about the dangerous budget bills radicals are pushing by sending this message to your friends.