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Be Disruptive = Lose Your Gun Rights

Sep 17, 2019

Democrats aren’t backing away from their goal to confiscate your guns. Last week Rep. Beto O’Rourke stated, "Hell yes, we're going to take away your AR-15s, your AK-47s!" Now he is doubling down by making T-shirts and fundraising off this statement.

Already, Congress has a bill that will permanently revoke the ability to own any gun because of a "misdemeanor," "bias," and being called a "credible threat." You will be absolutely shocked at what qualifies. Help me stop this bill and other dangerous ones by sending an urgent fax to Congress. - Mat

From the same Congressman that brought you the fake “Equality Act,” now comes the “Disarm Hate Act.”

This bill lists three shockingly mild requirements that would trigger losing your constitutional right to own a gun. Looking at these requirements, if someone played Christian radio a little too loud on their car stereo and drove by a homosexual who suddenly “felt threatened” -- that could be a situation to permanently deny the driver the right to ever own a gun. Let me explain how.

The first requirement in this bill is if someone is convicted of a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a small crime and can include traffic violations, disrupting the peace, disrupting a meeting, driving without insurance, issuing a bad check, public drunkenness, graffiti, and more.

In some of these cases, a conviction of disrupting the peace or graffiti could even be manipulated as a tool to silence those who are trying to communicate a controversial message. This is doubly concerning. If you stand up to use your First Amendment freedoms, under this bill, that action could make you lose your Second Amendment liberties.

The second requirement is if that person was “motivated, in whole or in part, by hate or bias for any reason” against a protected class. This bill specifically includes gender identity or orientation in those protected classes. I know that a significant percentage of radicals are motivated by their own bias against religion.  In addition, declining to celebrate LGBT conduct could be seen as “bias.” Every person has opinions and biases of some kind.

The third requirement is if that person is a “credible threat.” However, nowhere in the law is this phrase defined. Nor does it limit who can claim that someone has met this undefined phrase. This leaves us wondering, if a snowflake doesn’t “feel safe,” does this law give them a reason to deny someone else their constitutional freedoms and take away their guns?

Looking at these requirements, if someone were to be caught spray-painting a new message on a political yard sign, they could permanently lose their Second Amendment rights.

It is absolutely critical to stop this bill! Please click the button below to join us.

To make matters worse, there are signs that GOP leaders are weakening, even caving to the gun control activists. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently admitted that he stands ready to pass gun control as soon as President Trump gives the OK:

“If the president is in favor of a number of things that he has discussed openly and publicly, and I know that if we pass it it’ll become law, I’ll put it on the floor.”

Help me remind our leaders on Capitol Hill that they are there to uphold our constitution, not destroy it. Send an urgent fax immediately.

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Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

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