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"Impeachment in Search of a Crime"

Nov 14, 2019

In the impeachment testimony, a Republican silenced both of the Democrats’ star witnesses. But Democrats didn’t want the truth or facts to get in the way of their push for impeachment.

Instead, Democrats were running a very complicated effort that resembles the childhood game of Telephone. Most of what was discussed was from second- or third-hand conversations.

Moderate Democrat legislators urgently need to hear from you. Our faxing system gives you that opportunity. I hope you will help us renew efforts to pressure those on this committee to stop this witch hunt today. Send a fax to those in power to make sure they know that we will stand with President Trump. - Mat

Liberty Counsel Action had staff in the impeachment hearing to analyze and expose what is really going on in D.C. And it has become clear that Democrats are trying to impeach the President on hearsay.

One of yesterday’s best moments came from Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX). Regarding President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president, he asked, “Where is the impeachment offense in that call?” Both of the Democrat-called witnesses froze in awkward silence.

While the testimony given was carefully crafted, it failed to do two important things.

First, they trotted out official-sounding people under oath. And they got them to throw around bad-sounding language. But our laws don’t criminalize “sounding bad.” And there is a very narrow definition of what is impeachable. No evidence of anything impeachable has surfaced under their star witness’ testimony. And they were forced to admit that. 

Second, nearly all of the “evidence” was second-hand. Ambassador William Taylor even clarified his testimony with, “That’s my assumption.” In addition, witnesses talked about “concern.” But, much to the Democrat’s chagrin, you can’t impeach a president based on someone being worried.

But that is exactly what they are trying to do. And, unless you and I are able to change 15 more votes in the House, impeachment is exactly what radicals will do next. I hope I can count on you to send an urgent message to help stop this constitutional disaster.

The men who testified are government employees whose work is to carry out the will of the President. Yesterday they tried to claim that the president was harming foreign policy. Yet, it is the president who creates foreign policy. He can’t subvert himself.

If you pull away the politics, they are just employees who had a different opinion than their boss. And—in opposition to their extensive claims—they are trying to get him fired.

They spent a large amount of time discussing a “second” “irregular” channel that President Trump was using to communicate with Ukraine ... but when your employees are trying to get you fired, it’s no wonder that the president used a different communication channel.

Sign our petition today to let President Trump know that you still stand behind him.

Radicals are continuing to attack President Trump while protecting themselves. In carefully listening to the testimony yesterday, I realized a much more insidious plan. Radicals are already building a safety net under their house of cards.

Yesterday’s testimony included lots of qualifiers, words like “assumption,” “That’s what I heard.” and “recall.” And both admitted they’d never even met President Trump. So, if radicals’ accusations are proved completely false, their testimony was given in a way that protects them from perjury charges.

But second-hand assumptions are all it will take to get this Democrat-controlled Congress to impeach President Trump. They already have the votes needed to do it—unless you and I make a stand for justice and truth. I hope you will send an urgent fax to the swing legislators who need to change their votes.

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Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I believe we have only a little time left to speak out about impeachment in the House. I hope you will send an urgent fax opposing impeachment. Then sign our petition right now to have your name given to our President. If you are able to donate, your support allows us to continue fighting for truth and justice on Capitol Hill. Help Liberty Counsel Action spread the word and gather more signatures by sending this email to your friends.