Advancing Liberty Through Action

Recapping Your Role in Our Victories

Nov 26, 2019

This month has been a whirlwind of activities. We’re involved in many battles beyond what I’ve had the chance to tell you. As we close out November, I want to share what you’ve accomplished through your support of Liberty Counsel Action. -Mat

Here are some of the opportunities, challenges, and victories in November:

  • I met with legislative leaders in the House and personally exposed the horrific details of why the Born-Alive Act is desperately needed right now. These opinion leaders were very receptive to the stories, facts, and strategies I presented. They want to work more closely on this bill.
  • We worked tirelessly (and successfully) to stop the House budget from being accepted. It included tens of millions of your tax dollars directly going to fund abortions at Planned Parenthood here and around the world.
  • We organized an outpouring of faxes against impeachment. Our faxes successfully stirred up bipartisan opposition to the witch hunt against President Trump.
  • We educated legislators on military readiness and helped block a bill that would have forced our military to take people who are confused about their own gender and place them in harm’s way.
  • We supported new judges successfully through the Senate to the point of flipping a third Circuit Court to being predominantly conservative. In addition, we are just a few judges away from turning California’s Ninth Circuit into having a conservative majority! This terrifies Planned Parenthood.
  • I researched and wrote an op-ed exposing Chick-fil-A for switching their donations from the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes to a group that takes kids to abortion clinics and gay pride parades.
  • And we are gearing up to fight hidden aspects in a bill that will cause drug rationing. We are concerned it would lead to a so-called need for death panels and forced euthanasia in America.
  • And much more...

You are the reason for each step of progress and every victory this month. We rely 100% on donations from people like you so that we can continue to fight these battles! As we close the books on November, will you help us meet our needs this month?

In addition, some of our meetings are confidential. Even sharing specifics would jeopardize our effectiveness within them. These meetings are possible because of friends like you who come alongside of us to help build new avenues of impact on Capitol Hill.

Would you pray about becoming a monthly donor of 25, 50, or 100 dollars? We also would be very grateful for a one-time donation to help us counteract the lies spreading up and down the halls of Congress.

I’m thankful for every prayer and email that you send. And I’m especially grateful for every donation that enables us to continue this vital work to restore our nation.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. From impeachment, to the Born-Alive Act, to budget bills and more, November has been a crazy month on Capitol Hill! Already, Planned Parenthood is drawing a line in the sand for December. We will face powerful battles over defunding abortion, who sits in the White House, and whether our incredible progress on restoring religious freedom, will be protected or erased next month.

Will Republicans hold the line in December?

That’s up to us to support our legislators and/or hold them accountable. If you are able to donate today, that helps us continue to fight and win these battles. Check out our Take Action page to see if you’ve missed signing any of our petitions or faxes. And then help Liberty Counsel Action spread the word by sending this email to your friends.