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Make the Guilty Parties Pay

Dec 27, 2019

When President Trump promised to drain the swamp, no one knew how deep those murky waters actually were.

Now that we have scratched the surface, we’ve found out:

  • Top politicians were laundering money through their families from countries like Ukraine and China.
  • The FBI lied to the courts so they could spy on then-candidate Trump for the benefit of the Democratic Party.
  • The Russia Hoax was a multimillion-dollar con of the American people.
  • And radical legislators and the corrupt media are hoping that if they repeat these lies often enough, voters will believe them.

Thankfully, there is a solution. The Senate can investigate ANYONE they feel necessary. They have the power to subpoena the testimonies, under oath, of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi, Jr. (Nancy’s son was another high-level Ukrainian “executive”), Rep. Adam Schiff, his staff, career bureaucrats operating in Ukraine, George Soros, the pseudo-whistleblower, John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey and any other swamp-dwellers.

There is a mountain of lies piled up under the radicals’ rug in D.C. and now is the time to clean house.

Send a fax to the Senate today demanding that they investigate and immediately refer anyone found guilty of perjury—or worse—for immediate criminal prosecution. Even though Congress is in recess, staff members are informing their bosses of exactly what is coming in through their phones, email, and fax machines.

President Trump has an amazing number of accomplishments while in office! But his promise to drain the D.C. swamp must be a team effort. He needs the Senate, the Attorney General, and the American People to work together to reestablish any honesty, integrity, or trust in our political system.

Restoring a system of justice for all, regardless of political affiliation, is a crucially important battle. Every person who lied under oath or in court must feel the full weight of the law—and not just the ones who are Republican.

We must end the time when radicals lie with impunity because our leaders are too timid to hold them accountable. Radicals need to pay for their lies and conspiracies against our nation and our duly elected President.

Now is the hour to take action. But the Senate is dragging its feet, even playing dead against those pushing a personal, partisan vendetta against our President.

Let’s put an end to that with a flood of faxes to the Senate Judiciary Committee demanding they take urgent action. It is time for these radicals to face the consequences of their subversive actions.

Liberty Counsel Action has been reaching out to key senators over the Christmas recess. We are having conversations and setting up meetings to encourage our senators to demand justice concerning the Democrats’ fake  impeachment of President Trump.

The Senate must investigate and make criminal referrals of every person who has broken the law—regardless of whether they are Democrats, professional bureaucrats, or even Republicans.

Our nation has slid to the point that impartial justice will be difficult to dispense, but it is absolutely necessary that we make the effort. And Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to make your faxes have the most powerful impact possible!

Together, we can demand that justice prevails. And this simple act could have a powerful “ripple effect” throughout Washington, D.C.

Don’t think for a moment that your voice isn’t significant or that your participation won’t make a difference—the radical subversives count on silencing thoughtful patriots like you through their lies and threats!

Make your voice heard by faxing today!

And please consider a deeper partnership with LCA through giving a monthly donation to our organization or a substantial, one-time gift. That will empower us to make an even greater impact in D.C. and across America.

In service of liberty and justice for all,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Our nation was founded on equal justice under the law. That is what radicals are trying to destroy. Help us fight back! Send an immediate fax today to demand that we hold guilty parties accountable—regardless of their political affiliation. Then, please help us out with a donation. Spread the word and gather more signatures on our petition in support of President Trump by forwarding this email to your friends.