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Last Chance to Encourage Trump Before SOTU

Feb 3, 2020

Tomorrow, we will be delivering the names of everyone who signed our “Stand with President Trump Petition” directly to the White House, but I’m STILL MISSING YOUR NAME! This means you have fewer than 24 hours to add your name to be included in this powerful message to President Trump.
Just before the State of the Union (SOTU) address, I want to flood the White House with the names of ten thousand patriots, and we are just shy of this goal.
Sign right now to make sure you are included before our deadline (Tuesday at noon).

The final vote on impeachment in the Senate is scheduled for Wednesday at 4:00 PM. We already know no new witnesses will be testifying.

The president’s attorney Mike Purpura stated of the evidence, “It is not overwhelming, and it is not uncontested.” In addition, the only bipartisan action House Democrats were able to stir up was AGAINST their push for impeachment.

Today, Attorney Patrick Philbin showed how the second article of impeachment was nothing beyond the President’s support for a balance of power between branches of government. And on that basis, the House is attempting to impeach him. “That’s an incredibly dangerous assertion because if it were accepted it would fundamentally alter the balance of power in our government.”

But amassing power for themselves is exactly what these radicals want. They want to fundamentally alter the balance of power in their favor. We have just about one day left to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill to acquit President Trump before this final vote in our nation’s history.

Our laws dictate that legislators’ fax machines cannot be turned off, so we know your fax will get through. In addition, it is required that your fax be included in the official record of communication in each legislator’s office.

Finally, radicals have already admitted a key point. 

When the House Managers walked into the Senate, they claimed there was overwhelming evidence to convict. Then—if you listened closely—they suddenly flipped their position to claim they needed additional evidence to have a case strong enough to convict President Trump.

But there are no additional witnesses, and no additional evidence!

Based on the House Managers’ own position in the Senate, it is time to acquit the president of these partisan charges intended to divide our nation.

I wanted to thank you for your perseverance on this complicated battle over impeachment, because our efforts to keep you knowledgeable on what is happening in D.C. only become powerful when our friends and fellow patriots turn beliefs into action.

We completely rely on your financial partnership with us to fight for conservative, commonsense values on Capitol Hill. And only because of your financial support are we able to continue having this impact.

Consider becoming a monthly donor of 25, 50, or even 100 dollars. This will help us recover from this drawn-out battle against radicals in the House. It will empower us to fight on the next battlefront.

Even if you can give a one-time donation right now, it would be greatly appreciated as we are facing an onslaught of lies and hate against our President and our shared values.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The clock is ticking down to the Senate’s final vote. Make your voice heard before it is too late, on our petition and our flood of faxes demanding the truth.

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