Advancing Liberty Through Action

A Call to Courage

Mar 23, 2020

There is a fierce battle in our nation right now that threatens the survival of America. I fear that the "cure" of shutting down America is worse than the virus. We must reevaluate how to address the virus without destroying our freedom and the United States of America.

I was encouraged through our survey to see that many of you are applying the Word of God to our current events. We all need to press into Jesus.

There is no fear in the presence of our Creator. We must move from fear to faith, and from faith to action. Join me on bended knee to ask God to crush this virus and protect America. - Mat

Support our voice on Capitol Hill and across America.

We are witnessing the wholesale destruction of our inalienable rights and constitutional freedoms by governors and mayors.

Consider some facts about how the Wuhan Virus is having a catastrophic impact on America and freedom.

  • The economy has been decimated, with many people out of work.
  • Some states have closed their borders and shuttered businesses and churches.
  • Entire industries are virtually shut down (restaurants, airlines, hotels, and, in parts of the country, almost every business operation).
  • We have seen people in tears because they do not know how they can buy food or pay rent.
  • Because of the panic, suicide will increase, as will domestic violence and child abuse.
  • Our summer ministry to college students is gone.
  • Mission agencies are pulling healthy young people off the mission field and sending them home. Many will not hear the gospel.
  • Many homeless have lost shelters, and those with paranoia are at high risk.
  • Retirement funds are bleeding market value.

Some governors are establishing what looks like martial law in certain states across America. And with the help of the mainstream media, these rules are spreading from state to state.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is predicting that his restrictions could last up to 9 months!

These governors are circumventing state legislatures and ruling by decree. These new rules are creating financial tidal waves to destroy America and our freedom. The politically administered “cure” is killing the patient.

Our freedom, really our nation, is dying. We cannot stand by and allow that to happen. Liberty Counsel Action is launching, for the first time ever, a way for you to fax your governor AND members of Congress to urge them to consider less restrictive measures to address the virus.

Make your voice heard before this fear kills America, through sending your fax by clicking below.

These same governors are shutting down churches, even when there are no cases of the virus for hundreds of miles. Yet some are allowing liquor stores to operate as "essential services." Again, gun sales are being banned. At the same time, police departments are publicly announcing they will no longer respond to burglaries. Restaurants are being closed after only a few hours' notice. Virginia just closed schools until Fall, and most businesses must shut down for at least 30 days. New York is threatening to close until Christmas!

What is concerning is how these restrictions are spreading from one governor to the next as they are being pushed by the mainstream media. These draconian rules all have the effect of damaging America’s freedom, economy, and the lives of innocent people!

I urge you to send a fax right now to your governor or to every governor in the union with a clear message to consider less drastic means to address the virus without destroying our freedom.

Do not be afraid. Pray and act now. Support Liberty Counsel Action right now to keep our voice in D.C.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Now is the moment to push forward, not run away from the challenges we face. Send a fax to our governors and members of Congress to demand that they not sacrifice our freedoms. Then rush a donation to strengthen our ability to fight this in the days ahead. Any amount helps.

Finally, Big Tech is blocking and shadow banning Christian organizations like Liberty Counsel Action. Will you please help us beat the censorship by just taking a few seconds to forward this email to your friend?