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After Midnight, This Is What Congress Did...

Mar 25, 2020

Democrats and Republicans came to an "agreement" around 1 AM this morning that is going to cost you, the taxpayer, a shocking 2 trillion dollars. This is more money than the 2008 and the 2009 bailout COMBINED!!

The cost for this bill literally doubled (from 1 trillion to 2 trillion) overnight.

In addition, NO ONE on Capitol Hill has gotten the bill’s language yet BECAUSE LEGISLATIVE STAFF ARE STILL DRAFTING IT ... even as I type this to you now!

My staff just got word that today at noon U.S. legislators are meeting and expect to vote on this bill sometime TODAY.

Send an urgent fax now before it’s too late.

As of yesterday evening, radicals were pushing to do all of the following (and more) in this legislation:

  • Permanently give tax dollars to Planned Parenthood
  • Provide tax dollars for research that uses aborted baby organs
  • Force corporations to embrace LGBT leadership on their boards
  • Permanently strip all work requirements from SNAP (food stamps)
  • Force airlines to include a union representative on their boards
  • Nationalize elections, including same-day voter registration
  • Fund expensive elements of the Green New Deal regarding carbon emissions and force taxpayers to buy old airplanes
  • And just when millions of Americans are out of work, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing to automatically extend foreign work visas, limiting Americans’ ability to get back to work

This has NOTHING to do with a virus. It has everything to do with the radicals’ plans to reinvent America into their vision of crippling the economy and destroying President Trump.

This is our moment. We saw firsthand Speaker Pelosi’s disastrous "Pass-it-so-we-can-find-out-what's-in-it" plan on Obamacare. And we saw its devastating, skyrocketing medical costs across America. After that debacle, now Congress is asking you to trust them with our economy ... when THEY don’t even know what’s in this bill yet?

I don’t trust the motives of some of these members. We should be addressing the virus and helping people who have lost their jobs.

Join me right now in making your voice heard through sending an urgent fax. We want to help make this as affordable as possible so I’m offering to temporarily share the cost of sending a fax with you. Taking advantage of this discount helps flood the desks of D.C. politicians with this message.

Our time is very short.

We are sharing the cost of sending these faxes because we believe this message is so critical. Now is when I need friends and supporters to step up, and, if you are able, to please pitch in to help us cover these new expenses.

Support Liberty Counsel Action right now to keep our voice in D.C. We would deeply appreciate any donations to help LCA cover the expense of sharing the cost of our faxing service.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Now is the moment to push forward. We need to act NOW to stop our legislators from pouring our tax dollars into pork spending that will damage our economy with further red tape. Send a fax to our legislators right now.

Then rush a donation to strengthen our team’s ability to fight this in D.C. in the remaining moments we have to stop this bill. Any amount helps.

Finally, Big Tech is blocking and shadow banning Christian organizations like ours. Will you please help us beat the censorship by just taking a few seconds to forward this email to your friend?