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Is the Government Tracking You?

Mar 30, 2020

The government is tracking innocent, honest Americans just like you in cities across America. It quietly launched a program using cell phone tracking data and reporting that directly to the government. And now a pastor has been arrested. See just how many cell phones are being tracked now... - Mat

Over the weekend, the story broke that state and local governments are surveilling and tracking private American citizens through smart phone ads and apps. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is happening to hundreds of millions of cell phone users. A joint portal is being created to use this to track everyone’s movements in hundreds of cities nationwide.

This is a stunning, unconstitutional breach of privacy. And even more shocking is that it appears to have been launched silently without public notice, input, or discussion. In addition, it seems to operate independently of legislative oversight, debate, or approval.

Send your urgent fax to governors demanding protection for our liberties!

Some groups been tracking private people in Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched their own program.

MIT is tracking everyone in New York through their cell phone. Then they are taking this information and feeding it directly to the local police force for dispatching police officers and arrests. And they are gearing up to simultaneously monitor every citizen in up to 500 cities across America.

To back up one second, history has shown us that in the last century alone, we estimate that such governments killed an estimate of 150,000,000 people. Socialists Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler could only dream of this level of control. And right now, Americans are flying into the arms of this nanny state.

Even the most dangerous predictions (now discredited and reduced) of Coronavirus deaths were a small fraction of the real people who were killed by their own government.

Yet, suddenly our nation is collapsing and welcoming a much more dangerous threat into our homes. Are we so naive to think that if a radical leftist comes to power that he or she will just shut down this invasive program? No.

Your liberty is under direct threat. Push back now with your fax.

You and I are now suddenly living in the time of becoming subjects under capricious kings in America, known as our governors. They suddenly tell us we can’t do things that no governor would have dreamed of dictating.

In addition to governors, our legislature is negligent as well in this moment. “The industry [cell phone tracking] is largely unregulated under existing privacy laws,” reported the WSJ. Our legislators need to create a plan to protect our privacy. Now is the time for our legislators to defend our constitution and stop destroying our liberties. Our faxing service allows you to reach both.

And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Today, a pastor was arrested and jailed in Tampa for nothing more than holding church in America (more on that tomorrow). Our U.S. Constitution has been ripped up and turned into the toilet paper our neighbors were so panicked to buy.

Liberty Counsel Action is rising up and offering you a way to fight back. You can use our fax resource to demand liberty on the desk of your governor and legislators who swore an oath to uphold our constitution.

But we don’t have a moment to waste. This program is already live. Send a fax to those in charge right now to demand protections for our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Send a fax now to fight back.

We are continuing to share the cost of sending these faxes with you because we believe this message of “Liberty not Tyranny” is critical to the long-term survival of our nation. However, when we share in the cost it depletes our resources. Now I need your help, if you can today, to donate above the suggested cost. If you can, we just want to make this as affordable as we can to everyone.

Support Liberty Counsel Action right now to keep our voice in D.C. We would deeply appreciate any donations to help LCA cover the expense of sharing the cost of our faxing service.


Mat Staver

P.S. Now is the moment to push forward. We need to act NOW to stop the complete damage and destruction of our constitution freedoms through cell phone surveillance in states across America. Send a fax to our legislators right now.

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